Tuesday, 6 December 2016

DIY ALDI Christmas Hamper

At Christmas i think well thought out gifts like hampers are the best as they can be made to suit any budget. Aldi have set me the challenge of making my own Christmas hamper using Aldi own brands.

Hampers can be a great way of keeping your budget low and a creative way of giving to your friends or family this Christmas . A hamper can include anything and allows the gift to be tailor made for just 1 person or an entire family. The hamper that i have come up with is based on couples.
1) Ladies Snowman flannel pyjamas - £8.99
Most people at Christmas get brand new pj's to put on on Christmas Eve, for the past few years its been a tradition in our house. This pyjama set is lovely, can't wait to get these on on Christmas Eve.
2) Ballycastle Irish Creme set - £9.99
Irish creme is one of those drinks typically  consumed at Christmas. This set is great as it comes with 3 different flavours; salted Caramel, Chocolate orange and Chocolate mint.

3) Moser Roth Prosecco & Truffles - £4.99
Prosecco has become a popular tipple of choice. I haven't tried Prosecco before but i think this is a great gift and I'm excited to try it out.

4) Maple salt fudge - £1.29
Fudge pieces are a great alternative to chocolate and these Specially Selected fudge flavours are great. The maple syrup flavour is really nice and melts in your mouth.

5) Salted Caramel mince pies - £1.59
Mince pies are a staple food at Christmas. These specially selected Mince pies are lovely with the salted caramel layer and just crumble in your mouth. A little bit more expensive than yoour basic mince pies but well worth the extra money.

6) Gingerbread Latte Popcorn - 99p 
We love a bit of popcorn in our house. It's the perfect snack to snuggle up and watch a christmas film with. The Gingerbread flavoured popcorn is great and actually really tastes like gingerbread.

There are so many great Christmas gifts available at Aldi. If you're looking at a different way to give this Christmas try Aldi's ready made Christmas hampers ranging from £20 to £100.

Check out the DIY Aldi Christmas Hamper on YouTube aswell...

*I was given £30 worth of Aldi vouchers in order to buy products for this post. All thoughts and opinions 100% my own.

Friday, 2 December 2016

What Joey Wore #39

Welcome back to our first What Joey Wore of December! I'm excited for Joey to wear more Christmassy clothes now.
Top: Primrose & Bear | Leggings: Harlam Dreams | Shoes: Clarks 
You can't not indulge in a christmas outfit to kick off the beginning of December! The leggings, you will have seen in previous style posts but the top is brand new. I love the quote on the tee, very Home Aloneesqe. Primrose & Bear do some amazing kids clothes. The clarks shoes are just fab aren't they, they just scream winter and look so snug.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Welcome to my YouTube Channel

After 2 year's of blogging i have finally jumped into the world of YouTube which I've been wanting to do for a while. If you havent already please check out my channel HERE.

I've only done a few videos and I am going to try and film videos every week. I must admit, hearing the sound of my own voice is really difficult and i don't exactly love seeing myself live on camera but I get so excited about filming videos. I'm excited for people to see the girl behind the blog. The videos i want to be making are about topics that i enjoy talking about so you can expect to see hauls, product reviews and parenting videos.

I hope my readers of this blog will also enjoy watching my videos. If you have any video requests feel free to let me know.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Being brave and attending toddler groups

For the past couple of months i feel like i have been becoming increasingly trapped at home. I've always been really keen to go to toddler groups, we have tried several over the past few months but weren't right for Joey. Yesterday we went to a new toddler group, and it was absolutely amazing as i was able to speak to mums who have the same issues with their toddlers.

Not taking Joey to a baby/toddler group regularly over the past 2 years has been a big mistake. I feel if he had been part of a baby group from a young age maybe his speech and behaviour issues wouldn't have been much of an issue. The groups that we have attended over the last year have not been what I thought Joey needed, there was no interaction with the other kids and i never really made meaningful conversation with a parent. So going to new groups has always been a bit difficult because each one hasn't been a success for us.

A few weeks ago i came across a new toddler group at a youth club next to the park we go to just up the road from us. I'd been putting off going for ages but yesterday plucked up the courage for us to go and i really enjoyed it. Walking into a group you've never been to before is daunting, you don't know what to expect and initial conversation can feel awkward and forced. I walked in and there were only two mums inside with their kids but then 3 other mums turned up. I felt really comfortable and it was great to speak to two mums who's toddlers also had speech delay problems like Joey. It was amazing to speak to people in the same situation.

While i was talking away, Joey was happily playing and running round with the other toddlers. We helped the kids make Christmas handprint decorations from handmade playdough which Joey will get to paint next week. I'm confident that we've finally come across a group we're going to stick at. I feel like attending a regular and small group every week will help improve things for Joey and also make some friends in the process.

Attending groups can be nerve-wracking but i feel like this is the step i needed to make to better both myself and Joey. Do you go to regular toddler groups? I'd love to know how you get on.

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Gift guide for Her

We're now 4 week's away from Christmas so what better way than to start the countdown but to share with you some gifts for the special girl in your life.
Oral B Genius 9000* - Boots
Personal health products such as toothbrushes are popular gifts to receive at Christmas. I don't think I've ever seen such a good looking toothbrush like the Limited Edition Rose Gold Oral B Genius 9000, perfect gift for anyone with a love for rose gold goodies. Review to follow soon. 
SM x Tiba + Marl MOTHER Sweatshirt - The FMLY Store
As a fan of mummy merch i always seem to have a Selfish Mother item on my wishlists but they do family merchandise too for mums, dads, sisters and kids. 
Grey Mermaid Tail Blanket - New Look
 A genius upgrade to the standard blanket has seen the creation of the mermaid tail blankets, cosy yet so amazing. When i was a kid i remember pretending I had a mermaid tail. 
Mug cakes - Oliver Bonas
 As a beginner baker i like to use recipes that are easy, this Mug cakes book is the perfect recipe book for anyone with a love of cakes and baking. 

Jord Zebrawood & Turquoise watch - Wood Watches
I don't tend to wear a lot of jewellery apart from my wedding/enagagement ring but I do love watches, these handmade wooden watches are gorgeous for both men and women.
HP Sprocket Photo Printer - HP, Currys
A gadget i came across while watching a Zoella vlog is the HP Sprocket, a digital printer that can fit in your handbag. I really love to print out snaps from my phone, this is genius for anyone who likes taking special memories with friends and family. 
Alphabet makeup bag - Matalan
There is a lot of alphabet products on the market at the moment, I love anything personalised with an initial and I'm also in need of a new makeup bag. 
Ugg chestnut scufette II slippers - Hurleys
In our house we call slipper "beddies" and i have ALWAYS wanted a pair of Ugg beddies. They look so snug and warm. 

What do you think about any of my gift ideas? Stay tuned for my Christmas gift guide for Him and Kids soon. 

*Oral B Genius 9000 was sent to me to review for the purpose of this gift guide. All thoughts & opinions 100% my own. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

What Joey Wore #38

Welcome back to another week of What Joey Wore. This week we've only got one outfit to show you.

Cardigan: Matalan | Top: Cribstar | Leggings: Fred & Noah | Trainers: Nike 
My favourite part of this outfit are the mustard racoon leggings, i love the colour and are a really good colour for this time of year aswell. After having a Not Your Basic Kid top a few months back i thought it was time to get a new one for him now that he's 2. I think the black top with the mustard leggings and knitted cardigan go so well together.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

My first smear test

At the beginning of the week i went and had my first cerival screening. Like most women, i was slightly nervous prior to my appointment but it really isn't something to fear.

In the Uk, the NHS offers cervical screening to women aged between 25-64, it is a method used in order to prevent cancer by detecting and treating any abnormalities to the cervix. About 2 weeks ago i recieved a letter inviting me to make an appointment at my doctors to have the test done. As soon as i got the letter i rung and made the appointment for after the weekend. As much as i was keen to get it done I needed to have time to prepare myself.

The day of the appointment came and it wasn't a good day, Joey had had me up most of the night so i was shattered. I headed into the nurses room and i was seen by the nurse who usually does all of the vaccinations so not a completely unfamiliar face. Firstly, we sat at the desk and she asked me general questions and then some questions about our choice of contraception. I also had to try and remember the first day of my last period which was a bit tricky to remember.
It was then time to go behind the curtain and get undressed from the waist down and jumped on the bed. If you want to know the exact way they do the test then look here but it isn't anything to worry about. It doesn't hurt and it's not uncomfortable, i think what makes the situation worse is not being relaxed. If you're tensing so much then it will just make it a really bad experience.

I now have to wait 2 weeks for the results which i should receive through the post. If abnormal cells have been found then another smear would be needed which i feel ok about as i now know how easy it was. I can see why so many women put off going for their smear test, i think for women who haven't given birth it can be a bit more scarier. When i was heavily pregnant with Joey i had 2 sweeps to bring on labour (that didn't work) and then a team of people had the pleasure of observing my bits while giving birth. So for me, having already shown my vagina to a lot of midwives/doctors didn't worry me.

If you need to go and book your smear test then PLEASE do it. If you've turned 24 recently then you will be receiving a letter soon. Remember that it isn't scary and once you've had it done go and treat yourself to scrummy hot chocolate like i did.

Thanks for reading