Saturday, 1 February 2014

It's a Boy!

So yesterday It was our 20 week scan and we found out we are having a Boy!

Our little boy

I personally wouldn't have minded having either a girl or boy, but I did secretly want a boy. I don't know why I wanted a boy, maybe because i'd heard that boys are so loving. The hubby on the other hand said that it had better be a boy. I reckon he's not the only dad on the planet that has wished for a boy, all dads want to be able to play football with their sons and Chris has a very high expectation of ours. Chris is a lifelong Everton fan and he is convinced that our boy will play for Everton one day. To my horror, Chris even wants us to have "Goodison" as one of his middle names...i've got about 5 months to change his mind.

So, our scan was booked in for 12pm and after the scan we had planned to take Chris's mum and his sister to one of our favourite restaurants and tell them the sex of the baby. We went to pick them up, Chris and I couldn't stop smiling our heads off but we didn't say anything, we wanted to wait until we were at the restaurant to tell them. We got to The Wiggan Tree which is a fantastic steak restaurant part of the Miller & Carter chain. We sat down and ordered our food and we then told his mum and sister we were having a Boy.  They were both made up, Chris's mum cried, but they both sort of new back at the house that it was a boy. We had such a lovely time, I had a steak but it had to be literally cremated because of me being pregnant.

I can't wait to go out and buy lots of boy clothes now!

Thanks for reading