Thursday, 31 July 2014

My Maternity Wardrobe

Throughout my 9 months of pregnancy I found it fairly easy to dress the bump, apart from when it came to work clothes. I only started buying maternity clothes when I was about 5/6months into the pregnancy. I worked 6 days a week so most of the time I could just get away with wearing leggings or jeggings.

Maternity Work Clothes
I found it really hard however to dress for work, I worked at Phones 4 U and our uniform was basically smart black trousers or skirt with a plain white blouse. But even before I got pregnant I found it slightly hard dressing in smart trousers and a blouse, I have big boobs so wearing any sort of blouse is tricky unless its 2 sizes too big. Trousers are just a nightmare for me, I am just over 5ft, I have really skinny legs but then I have love handles and I hate it when a pair of trousers are too tight around the waist and all my lumps and bumps are visible. Before I was pregnant my work unirform consisted of a size 12 blouse and size 12 petite trousers both from New Look or sometimes from Matalan. When I was pregnant and started to show I had to go straight for the elasticated waist and wore New Look Maternity Black Tailored Trousers which were £19.99. I went for a size 12 with leg length 28' and i wish I had got the size 10 as the Size 12's were pretty generous and kept slipping a bit. When it came to my blouse, I didn't wear maternity I just went for a Basic long Sleeved Blouse in either 14/16 which were £12.99.  

Casual Maternity Clothes 
When it came to non-work clothes I bought a few essential maternity clothes which were all from New Look, my best purchase were my Maternity Underbump Supersoft Skinny Jeans which were £22.99. These jeans were the comfiest jeans I've ever worn! I still wear them now and Joey is nearly 6 months old. Another great purchase was a Maternity Black & White Tunic dress...again from New Look and was just under £20 when I bought it, and I wore this with either black leggings or was super comfy! I absolutely loved a top I got from Mothercare, part of the Blooming Marvelous range, which said "Love My Bump" with a Mr Bump character on it. It was about £18 from Mothercare which for a t-shirt I think is pretty expensive but I got I absolutely loved it and wore it loads. They don't have that same top anymore but here is an alternative, which I think is really cute.

In April, about 2 months before my due date we were invited to a 40th birthday party and their was an 80s theme but I didn't dress up because of how big bump was. None of my pre - pregnancy dresses fitted but it just so happened that I had a lovely floral maternity dress in the wardrobe ready for summer. I'd originally seen the gorgeous Katie Piper wearing it when she was pregnant and i had to have it. Unfortunately, don't have a picture of me wearing it when I was pregnant but I did wear it again 2 months after I had Joey. You can't tell it's a Maternity dress!

Towards the end of my pregnancy I really was dressing for comfort. I had to give the maternity jeans a miss by the end of May as they were a little too tight on the bump. I couple of days before my due date I bought a few maternity vests that I could wear after the birth until my mum tum went down. I was really happy with the maternity stuff I bought,  all of it was from New Look, they do have a really good range of maternity clothes.

Looking back at pictured of me during my pregnancy I think I did embrace it and I wore tops that showed off my bump. I've never been one to wear figure hugging tshirts but I loved having my bump on display.

Well that's my maternity wardrobe shared with you all. Maternity collections are getting better, New Look is probably the best and most affordable.

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