Friday, 29 August 2014

Christening Chaos

A few weeks after Joey was born we set a date for his christening...Sunday 28th September.  In an ideal world I would have liked his christening to be around when he was 6 months old but that would fall around Christmas and trying to afford Christmas AND a christening was definitely not going to happen.

Seeing as though I have a uni degree in Event Management AND I planned my own wedding this should be a piece of cake really...oh no. A degree in Event Management does not prepare you for the unexpected family emergencies that pop up now and again.

Whenever i have my planning head on i am very organised, everything has a list. So the first thing to decide on was a guest list, pretty easy to come up with and this has to be done first so that you have an idea of guest numbers for your  reception venue. In terms of venue I had quite a few options, the most extravagant was Langtree Park home of St Helens Rugby League Club, I thought it would be a great place to hold the reception seeing as though my dad was a past player, I've worked their and both me and the hubby support the team. But alas, it was way too expensive just to hire the room. So back to the list I go and I have a few local nightclubs and bars suitable for the event it just depends on that all important budget.

But just when I'm getting into the planning of the christening an emergency situation arises with my grandad which lead to me rushing him into hospital in the middle of the night and then spent the following 2 weeks backwards and forwards visiting him in the hospital. The planning for the christening had to be put on hold, Joey was 5 weeks old at the time and I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to be planning anything...but that's another blog.

So we both decided that it might be best to postpone the christening,  I really want it to be a great day. I know Joey won't remember it but his dad and I will and I want to put my full attention into planning it. We hadn't even sent any invites out but we had made an event page on Facebook with the details. But it's now just less than a month until the christening and we haven't been able to make any decisions about postponing. We decided on a venue and where all ready to pay the deposit but they wanted over £300 for the buffet. I think we were missing the point though, it's not just about having a good party afterwards the most important thing is to get him christened and just have a small get together afterwards. So hopefully we are going to hire a venue that is free or has a very small charge and then just do the buffet ourselves....with the help of some Costco food.

Have any of you recently planned your babies christening??? Any advice or tips would be great! Hopefully this time next month I'll be blogging about the christening and sharing some photos. 

Thanks for reading :)

Lolly x

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