Monday, 25 August 2014

Joey's first Jabs

On Wednesday Joey had his first immunisations, the lead up to the appointment I was so scared for him. I had read a few peoples experiences of their child's first jabs and I sought of new what to expect. I took my mother-in-law with me for the appointment as hubby was working and I'm so glad of the support.
Their were 3 immunisations to be had, one was an oral solution that was injected into his mouth which he didn't like at all. He cried for a couple of seconds and then calmed down. Then it was time for the two nasty injections in his thighs. I had to sit him on my knee and hold him so that when the injection went in he didn't wriggle about. Dear god,when the injection went in he screamed and then cried. It broke my heart and both me and my mother-in-law were nearly in tears. The nurse told me to look out for any side effects such as a rash, bleeding or fever and advised to get some Calpol just incase.

After Joey had his jabs we then saw a healthcare person for his check up where he was measured....he's a whopping 60cm. Apparently he is going to be a tall boy, which is great as I'm 5ft nothing. After we left the doctors surgery he was absolutely fine, we went food shopping afterwards for an hour or so and then once we got home he was like a different baby. Joey was inconsolably crying for over an hour and he was really hot and sweaty. I was petrified, he'd never cried like this since he was being born. I gave him some Calpol and tried to comfort Joey over my shoulder, just when I thought he'd fallen asleep and tried to put him down he'd start screaming again. I rung my husband in floods of tears, I was really scared. So Just to be on the safe side I took him back to the doctors to get checked over, I was sat their in the waiting room thinking that the doctor will just say he was fine and have a go for wasting his time but the doctor was really good and me feel so much better. He assured me that Joeys reaction to the jabs are perfectly normal and that he gets a lot of mums coming in on a Wednesday (immunisation day) with the same worries.

So for the rest of the evening Joey was pretty grizzly but for the first time ever he slept all the way through the night. I must admit, I'm really not looking forward to his next round of immunisations in 4 weeks time. But at least I know that him being slightly off after the jabs is normal and I know how to treat him. I really hope that it will get easier for him, no mother wants to see their child in pain.

For all you mummy's out their who have their child's first immunisations coming up, I know it's easier said than done but please don't stress yourselves out.

Thanks of reading :)
Lolly x

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