Sunday, 24 August 2014

Avent Manual Breast Pump

I thought I would do a review of the Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump. I bought it from Kiddicare for £24...bargain as at the moment they are £40.

When I was looking for breast pumps I was so overwhelmed, there is a lot of choice out their for all different budgets. In an ideal world I wanted to buy an electrical pump, It seemed to me like the easiest way of expressing but obviously not the cheapest and seeing as though my mother-in-law bought me an Avent bottle steriliser I thought it be best to stick to the same brand. So I went for the Avent manual pump, at the time of purchase I had no idea how my breast feeding journey would go so I thought if I started off with the basic equipment and things were going well then I could decide whether to invest in an electric one.

The contents inside the box consisted of:
  • Breast pump
  • 3 storage cups with lids
  • 1 bottle with teat
  • 1 day and 1 night pair of Avent breast pads
The storage cups came in really handy for storing breast milk in the fridge and you can actually write on the side of the cup for instance the date and time you expressed. I was also really pleased that the box had samples of Avent breast pads, I had bought Mothercare breast pads and they weren't very good. The Avent ones were very soft and absorbed quite a lot. On the subject of breast pads, I did sample quite a few. As mentioned, I did use Mothercare's own brand of breast pads and personally I found that they didn't absorb much and were actually quite small. I then bought a box of  Johnson's Baby Nursing Pads (pack of 30) £2.50 from Asda, again these were not very good in my opinion. They felt very cheap and again did not absorb that much. I then started using Asda Little Angels Breast pads (Pack of 40) £1.50, these were by far the best I had tried. They were nice and soft, and I seemed to not have to change them as often. Also compared to the other brands the pack contained more and for a cheaper price. Another breast feeding essential that I used was Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream, it is slightly expensive but well worth it when you have sore nipples. 

Using the breast pump was easy and I found it quite rewarding to see how much I was expressing. Using it for the first time my hand ached so much from the pumping action, but after you use it a few times it goes away. Something that I was really disappointed with was the annoying squeaky sound every time i squeezed the handle. It was horrendous, it got to the point where if I had to express during the night or whenever the baby was asleep I had to go in a different room. If you can put up with an annoying squeaky noise then this can be a good pump. I had no problems with being able to express, it was actually very easy....apart from that noise.

If you have read my previous post you will have read that I have stopped breast feeding, so now I don't need the equipment. If I had carried on breast feeding I think I would have invested a bit more money and gone with either a Tommee Tippee electric pump or the Madela Mini. I've read mixed reviews on both, it would have been nice if I had had the chance to compare both manual and electric pumps...maybe next time.

What were your experiences with breast pumps? Did you experience manual AND electric?

Thanks for reading :)

Lolly x

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