Saturday, 23 August 2014

Joey's birth story

I thought it might be quite useful for any expectant mums out there to hear my own birth story. I promise I'll leave out the really gory details. I remember in the run up to my due date I read so many forums about giving birth, this being my first pregnancy I wanted to know everything and to read real accounts. Nothing could actually prepare me for what was to come...
The birth itself wasn't traumatic but it was hard. As of 19th June I was 8 days overdue and had a midwife appointment that lunchtime for what would be my 2nd sweep. My check up was fine but my midwife was slightly concerned with baby's heart rate, it was slightly low and I had had reduced movement the previous night. So, the midwife thought it be best to send me for a check up at the hospital and get me on the monitor.

So off I go to Whiston Hospital, I go into an observation room where I have the monitor that goes around my belly. The midwife said that the baby's heart rate looks fine but said that while I'm already 8 days over they may aswell start me off. As hubby only works across the road from hospital he needed to go home and get himself changed, so off he went while the midwife broke my waters and put me on a drip. At first the contractions were just like really mild period pain and then gradually stronger, I asked for an epidural and they kept telling me the anaesthetist was on his way....he never came. I ended up just having the gas and air which I hated, it made me feel really drunk and out of control. Things started to get a bit intense from then on, baby's heartbeat had dropped again and showed that he was in distress so the midwives had to put a clip on baby's head, I had my legs in stirrups and about a million people looking at my lady bits. This really wasn't how I imagined my labour at all. I was getting tired, my mouth was dry and to add more annoyance to the situation my husband was sat at the side of me watching England getting beat in the World Cup.

Finally after 5 hours in labour at 9.25pm my son was born via ventouse weighing 8lb 2oz. He had a good pair of lungs on him, did not stop crying until I fed him for the first time. Now this is where things get a bit interesting, 2 hours after giving birth I was allowed to finally get a shower. Had a shower, got dressed and started to get my stuff together before we got moved to the ward. I sat on the edge of the bed and the next thing I know I wake up flat on the bed, with my husband panicking and shouting the nurse. Turns out I'd fainted and had some sort of fit, I had to have all sorts of tests like ECG, blood pressure etc. 
Finally at 3am I was taken onto the ward where there were 3 other women who'd just given birth. It was absolutely pointless trying to get any sleep, once one baby started crying it set the rest off. We finally got discharged at 4pm the next day, the midwives were keen to keep me in because breast feeding wasn't completely established but that's another story which I'll blog about soon.
So that's my birth story! Nothing like anything I'd seen on One Born Every Minute, which really annoyed me. But my little boy and I were happy and healthy and ready to start our new chapter as a family.

Until next time....

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