Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Favourite Bloggers

I love reading blogs...not just my own but other people's. And I must say, there are some amazing bloggers out their some that I am just insanely jealous of. Even before I started thinking of blogging myself I really enjoyed just reading about other people's lives. 

Here are some of my favourite bloggers...

L&S is brought to you by the lovely Jess and she is a parenting and lifestyle blogger. She has a gorgeous little boy called Jasper who's a couple of months older than Joey. I started reading Jess's blog in the later stages of my pregnancy and everything she has blogged about has come in really useful and helped me more than any pregnancy/parenting book. 
This is one of the very first blogs I became interested in, Really Ree is a beauty blogger that blogs about all things beauty and hair. She brings you the latest beauty news and tutorials...I also have a slight bit of hair envy. 
First-Time-mummy AKA Hannah is another family and lifestyle blogger that I came across via Lilypod & Sweetpea. Like L&S I just love her posts and reading about baby Austin. 
Probably the most famous blogger ever, Perez brings you all the celebrity gossip you could ever need. I do love a bit of celeb gossip and Perez is the man to go to. Never the man to shy away from the drama he's always their to break a major celebrity news alert.

There are quite a few other blogs that I like but these are the main ones, I hope you find them as interesting as I do. Feel free to recommend any other bloggers. 

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

As i mentioned in my last blog I bought a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine this week. Unfortunately it's not brand new, it's second hand and was only £35. I would have loved a brand new one but I just couldn't afford the £90 price tag. I did trawl the Internet though looking for the best price, there are quite a lot of them on ebay that start at low bids but then get really high so I tried Gumtree and found a woman in my area who was selling it so I thought I might aswell.

So I picked it up on Monday night and didn't actually get round to using it until the next day. Joey wakes at around 6am so I gave him a bottle and while he was having his morning nap I put the machine on a cleaning cycle which lasts 10 minutes.  Before I even switched the machine on i did give the instructions a good read but I still found myself getting something wrong...ooopsie. After the cleaning cycle I then made joey his feed using it and I got it wrong and had to start the process again.
Basically, what you have to do is put the bottle on the ledge press the on/off button and the machine will pour about an oz of boiling water. You then have 2 minutes to put your formula powder in the bottle (Joey takes between 6/7oz) put the lid on and shake till dissolved and then put the bottle on the ledge again press the on/off button and the machine will then fill the bottle with cold water. At the top of the machine their is a dial where you select how many oz of water.
This machine is a great bit of kit and i wish I had bought it sooner. The only slight niggle I have is that when the machine has finished pouring water it beeps and it is loud. There is no way of turning it down and my only worry would be that when used in the early hours it could wake the house up. Thankfully Joey sleeps through the night so I don't need to get up in the middle of the night. If any of the Tommee Tippee team are reading this then maybe some kind of volume button could be taken into consideration if you decide to make a new model. 

But like I said, great bit of kit. Not heavy or bulky and gets a bottle made in 2 minutes instead of waiting for the kettle to cool down. Keep a look out on various stockist sites, they often do some great deals.

Has anybody got the perfect prep machine? What do you think? 

Thanks for reading :) 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Joey's 12 Weeks old

On Thursday Joey turned 12 weeks old...On the 19th he will be exactly 3 months old. Jeez it feels like he's growing so quickly!!!

So this next week is going to be a fairly busy one! More christening organising as it's only 2 weeks away today, Tuesday we meet the vicar, Wednesday I go and get my hair done, Thursday Joey will get weighed. So so so busy! Also Joey is due to have his 2nd load of jabs either this week or next which I am really not looking forward to. Joey was really bad after his first lot and cried for hours but I've got his lovely strawberry calpol ready just incase.

Tomorrow I'm going picking up a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. Unfortunately it won't be brand new but fairly new as I can't afford the £90 price tag. Saw it on Gumtree for £35 which is a bargain and all fully working. I wish I had bought this machine ages ago but when he was born I assumed I'd still be breastfeeding him 3 months down the line.

Ooh! Something I need to mention before I forget. There have been a couple of baby and toddler events recently in the shops, the next one I've heard about is at Aldi. I've only very recently started doing my shopping at Aldi on the advice of my mother-in-law. I'm not a snob when it comes to shopping at all but after years of shopping at ASDA you get comfy knowing where everything is and things that you buy on a regular basis just sort of sticks. When I've been doing my shop in Asda I've  easily spent £60 and then got home and realised i've not actually bought that much and found that I've had to go back midweek. So for about 3 or 4 weeks now I've been doing the big shop at Aldi and i'm finding that I can spend between £40/£50 and have loads and actually have enough food for the entire week. I still have to go back to Asda for a few things like baby's formula but I've even started using Aldis own Mamia nappies which are great. If you haven't tried Aldi then go and give it a try.

As Joey is 12 weeks old I'd thought I'd share his bedtime routine. I've read so many people's bedtime routine for their baby and I keep getting paranoid  that I'm doing it wrong. Don't get me wrong, over the past 2 weeks Joey's bedtimes have been great and he's been sleeping through the night from 7.30pm until 6am. From the blogs and stuff I've read it seems that a lot of mummy's are putting their baby to bed at around 10pm which I think is great. But I cannot for love nor money get Joey to stay up past 7.30pm. He gets so whingey at about 6pm...just when we're  trying to eat our tea. I take him upstairs try and give him a bottle and 9 times out of 10 refuses it. I then put him in his moses basket and he's asleep in minutes. I would love for him to stay up a bit later, it's really stopping us from going anywhere and stopping past 6pm. Like if we've had our tea at the mother-in-laws it gets to 6pm and he is screaming the place down and we have to leave but as soon as we get him in the car seat and at the car he falls asleep! I don't know what to do for the best, shall I just leave him as he is or just grin and bear the cries and keep him up later???

Any advice would be great!
Thanks for reading :)
Lolly x  

Friday, 12 September 2014

Sassy Bloom Box

So today I was looking through my twitter followers and I came across a company who are following me called Sassy Bloom. If I'm honest, I don't pay that much attention to my followers list but I was shocked that I hadn't heard of this brand before! 

Sassy Bloom are a company that specialise in mother and baby boxes full of amazing products and samples which you can subscribe to. The boxes start from mums in their 3rd trimester up until the child turns 2 years old. Some of the products inside the boxes are Personalized and also gender specific. The price of each box depends on how many months you subscribe for, the longer the subscription the cheaper each box is. 

Now I must admit that I haven't had the pleasure of getting my hands on one of these boxes myself, hopefully after Joeys christening I will order one and then I can do a proper review. I did a bit of digging around on their website and started reading about the idea for setting up Sassy Bloom, quite an emotional back story, but what an amazing product has been born out of a difficult situation.

So to any of my readers go and have a look at Sassy Blooms website www.sassybloom.com, Twitter and Facebook. If you can afford a little splurge then order one of these amazing boxes, I will be soon. 

Has anybody bought a Sassy Bloom box? If so, what did you think? 

Thanks for reading :)

Lolly x 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Joey's 11 weeks old AND Milestones

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, there's a lot of craziness in my life at the moment.
Joey is going to be 11 weeks old tomorrow, he's getting bigger by the day! He's also reached a few milestones...
● Starting to grab and hold things like toys and his bottle
● Smiles all the time, don't think it will be long until he laughs
● Sleeping through the night...This is a bit of a hit and miss. When he had his jabs a few weeks ago it was the first night he'd ever slept all the way through. On Sunday and Monday night he slept for 10 hours!  But then last night he woke up at 1 am and 4 am.
● Supporting his own head, it's a bit wobbly and we sometimes bash heads together but it's a start

This week I've also bought Joey quite a few things...oops sorry hubby
1) Tommee Tippee 6x260ml Limited Edition blue bottles - £10
I bought these from ASDA, at the moment they have the Baby & Toddler Event which ends THIS Sunday. They have a wide range of baby and toddler products on offer, I bought 3 Tommee Tippee bottles a few weeks ago for their usual price of £10 and now I've just got 6 of the limited edition blue for the same price. Even if you don't shop at ASDA go and have a look! Boots also have their own Baby event on at the moment aswell.
2) Tommee Tippee 0 - 6 months Cherry Soothers - £2.90
Before Joey was born my mother-in-law bought him some TT dummies from Aldi,  I've recently started shopping in Aldi and they still had them. Joey loves his dummies, we've tried other makes and he hasn't liked them so I'm relieved that I've managed to find more. On the subject of Aldi, there are quite a few baby products I've seen at the moment including Avent microwave steriliser, Avent bottles and ive recently started using Aldi nappies. Joey is on the 3rd stage of nappies, a pack of 56 are around £4.50. If you have an Aldi near you go and have a look round.
3) Baby Boy Wall Canvas from Typography of Love - £39.99
Anybody that has read my blog about my ClaireaBella obsession will have read about a site called Toxic Fox. They sell personalised products aswell as other things and a company that has always caught my eye on the website is Typography of Love who specialise in a range of personalised wall art. I have ordered the Baby Boy Wall Canvas, the word art is the shape of a pram. With this specific product you can personalise it with 10 words of your choice. I thought it would be a great addition to Joey's room, I've been meaning to get a few personalised pieces for his room. Hopefully it will arrive before the weekend. Once i get it I will write a post about it. 

4) Kiddicare Lucky Star Walker - £24.99
I've been meaning to get Joey a walker for ages but I didn't think he would need to use it for a good few months but he is always moving his legs around so hopefully we can get him to start to put those legs to use. He is so strong with his legs already! Once he's had chance to give it a go I will blog about it.
Aswell as buying Joey all these goodies we have finally finalised his christening which is happening at the end of this month. The venue is sorted, buffet is sorted, got his outfit we now just need to decide on decorations and entertainment.  I'm so excited for my friends and family to meet him and enjoy his special day!

Thanks for reading :)

Lolly x