Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Joey's first sleepover

Where to start...

So last Friday we decided that it was maybe time for Joey to sleep at his nan's house overnight, partly to just give it a trial run for this coming Friday. On friday....Halloween, me and the hubby have got tickets to see the comedian Lee Evans at the Liverpool Echo Arena. We bought the tickets nearly 2 years ago, way before we knew we were having a bambino. The arena is about 30mins away from home and well be getting home late so we planned for Joey to stay the night at his nan's.

We dropped Joey off at his nan's at about 6pm and by 6.30 me and hubby were back at home wondering what to do with ourselves. Anyway at about 9pm we had a text from the hubby's sister saying that Joey was just not settling at all and in tears so we decided to go pick him up. We ended up bringing him home and he slept straight away.

We're still planning on taking him to his nan's on Friday for him to sleepover but i am so worried. I don't want  to cause Joey any distress. It's not like he doesn't go round to his nan's a lot...we're their all the time so he should be used to his surroundings surely????

Has anyone had the same issues with your baby?

Please get intouch if you have any advice

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Joey's milestone - first laugh

Joey has reached a major milestone...he laughed!

Over the past few months Joey has laughed but not properly just a little shriek which last a couple of seconds. But this morning I put Joey in his Kiddicare baby walker which has toys on it, there's one that spins and as I was spinning it round Joey started giggling and he did it for like a minute.
It is the cutest thing ever!

My hubby and I are quite silly people and we always get Joey smiling or a little giggle but this is next level!
Check it out on YouTube: Joey's first proper laugh:

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Lolly x

Monday, 20 October 2014

Life as a new mummy

This time last year I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby. It wasn't that much of a surprise, my period was very late when I'm always like clockwork, my boobs were tender and i felt sick. I remember being at work and joking with my work colleagues about why I was feeling ill...."you might be pregnant" they said, I knew I was, all of those signs gave it away.

So on 21st October 2013 on my day off from work I went and got a pregnancy test from asda and felt slightly embarrassed and like I was being judged the exact same feeling as buying condoms. I got 2 ClearBlue tests and i only needed to use the 1, it was positive straight away. It wasn't a shock, I sort of new I was anyway and we hadn't exactly tried to prevent getting pregnant.

It's now a year on and our beautiful Joey is now 4 months old. I couldn't imagine life without him and feel like he's been with us for years. It felt very strange knowing that I had a baby growing inside me, a baby that up until the 20 week scan doesn't have any sort of identity and just refer to the baby as an "it".
With Joey being my first child I had no idea what to expect from being pregnant, Labour and then being a mum. My own mum died when I was 5 so I didn't have that one important person their to guide me through and because of having lost my mum at an early age I began to worry at my own ability to be a good mum. I didn't have a clue, I don't have any brothers or sisters and had never spent any time with babies so I didn't know what to expect. To be honest, I was more scared of having to look after a baby than I was of the birth. I look back now over the past 4 months of my son's life and I reckon I haven't done that bad, from changing Joey's first pooey nappy on the ward on my own at 3am to his teething cries. We've got through the past 4 months without any major problems. I must credit Google though for its outstanding parenting advice, it's always been their for those confused moments....
- why is my baby's poo black like tar?
- how to change a babies nappy
- my baby has a gooey eye
- my baby has dry skin
- how to get rid of cradle cap
- can I take my baby through the car wash???...obvs inside the car
- is Peppa Pig aimed at girls AND boys?

There's obviously been a lot more questions thrown at the Internet but they are the main ones. But I must say Joey has blended in quite well, he is a very happy baby and only cries when he needs feeding or changing. He is quite good at telling me what he needs.
The hardest moments for me over the past 4 months were mostly in his early weeks, waking up for his feeds twice in the night when I was breast feeding left me exhausted. His first round of immunisations terrified me, he was in so much pain afterwards and i couldn't stop crying aswell as him. Taking him to A&E with me in the early hours when my grandad was ill, we were their from 2.30am until 6.30am.

Joey loves...
Shopping: even at a few weeks old Joey has loved going shopping. He has never cried or whinged when we have been shopping, he loves taking in his surroundings and seeing different people. 
Car: Joey absolutely loves being in the car, we're in the car quite a lot so I'm glad he enjoys it. Most of the time he is asleep but when he isn't he just chills out. 
Bath time: Joey is very happy and content while in his bath. We bath him every other night and it's my favourite time of his bedtime routine. 
Even though it has been hard the last 4 months have also been so rewarding, I'm loving watching Joey grow up. I just wanted to share my take on Joey's first 4 months.

How has your first couple of months been with your new baby or do you have any worries? Please get in touch.

Thanks for reading :) 
Lolly x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Joey's 4 months old

Today is Sunday 19th October and my little chunk Joey is 4 months old! Only 2 months away from him being half a year old. I really feel like the months are flying by, which I'm really excited about because I'm loving watching him grow into a little person.

Since his 3 month post there has been a major development...Joey has a tooth coming through! This past week or so he has been drooling a lot, hand in his mouth, out of sorts literally everything included in teething. I know there is definitely a tooth coming through as when i put my finger in his mouth I can feel something rough/sharp on his bottom gum. I've been giving him some Dentinox teething gel which seems to ease any on he is having. He loves it when I run my finger around his gums and let him nibble my finger. He has also started making some noises which actually sound like his talking...I'm pretty sure he said my name but it's just the cutest thing ever. Their is a short video of it on my instagram account: @lollyvarley92.

This week, Joey had his 3rd and final round of immunisations....until he's a year old. He had a bit of a cry when they put the injection in but apart from that he was such a good and brave little boy. We also saw the doctor aswell as he has had a bit of a congested chest so he has been prescribed Amoxicillin which is that bright yellow medicine I used to love having as a kid. I haven't had him weighed so far this month, hopefully get round to it this next week, but 4 weeks ago when he was last weighed he was 16lb which is a happy and healthy baby :)

The 4 month mark also means that we can start weaning him. I've bought some Cow & Gate baby rice which we'll be trying with him soon and update you all on his weaning progress. 

Joey's sleeping pattern is a little bit all over the place at the moment. I don't know if it's because of his tooth coming through but he has been really difficult at night for the past week or so. We got Joey into a really good sleep routine quite early on, he first slept all the way through when he was about 11 or 12 weeks old. So he usually gets really restless and tired around 6.30/7pm so I take him upstairs at all out 6.45pm and sometimes he's happy to have a bottle but usually he just pushes it away and just wants to watch the telly. Usually at around 7.30pm I have him laid down on my chest and tapping his back to get him off to sleep and then I carry him to his moses basket and put Tranquil Turtle on for him. He and so won't go to sleep without his dummy. So usually he can sleep from 7.30/8pm until 6am but thus week I'll put him to bed normal time and he's been waking up at 10pm, 1am, 3am and then 6am. I give him his bottle bottle at 6 and usually were downstairs for 6.30 where he'll have his morning nap for about an hour. During the day he can have 2-3 naps with his late afternoon nap being the longest sometimes he can nap for about 2 hours. 
As of yet he hasn't mastered the art of rolling over but you can see he is trying so hard to. Hopefully in next month's post he may have rolled over even if it's just the once. 

Each month is becoming so exciting and i can't wait for all the other milestones you reach Joey. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Lolly x 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mothercare Xpedior Pushchair Travel System Review

I thought it may be about time that I wrote a review about Joey's pram which is the Mothercare Xpedior with Blue Colour pack.

Me, testing the pram.
So in February we went to Mothercare just to look at prams and ended up ordering the Xpedior without testing any other prams. We couldn't wait to have it delivered in May to the mother-in-laws. As soon as I knew it had arrived I went round and was so eiger to get it all set up!  Now...I'm no stranger to DIY but the pram took 4 of us to try and fathem out but we finally got it sorted.

Car Seat
So when Joey arrived in June we used the car seat all the time and we still do now 17 weeks on. I'd say the car seat is quite heavy on its own even without Joey in it, you then add an 18lb baby and it feels like my arms are going to fall off. The car seat is so handy though if I want to just pop into the supermarket for a few bits instead of getting a trolley.

The other bit of the pram is the seat/carry a carry cot it's great! It's really nice to let baby snuggle up but we really haven't used the car cot that much. My main issue is with the actual seat. When baby is facing me in the pram, anyone walking towards you gets a good luck at the back of the pram and i must admit it looks cheap and not that comfy. Another concern is that the seat isn't that prominent, it just looks like a slope and i don't feel like the baby is that comfy, safe or secure. 

There's 2 types of storage I can talk about here; the storage basket and storing the chassis. One of the main things that encouraged me to buy the Xpedior was because of the generous size of the storage basket. You can store quite a lot of shopping underneath and even big enough to store my Pink Lining changing bag. Storing the chassis of the pram is easy, especially in the car. I have a 3 door Ford Fiesta so not a big car, we manage to store the chassis in the boot without taking any wheels off. Getting the chassis to fold down is easy once you get the hang of it, it took me about a week to fully get used to folding it down. You have to pull both of the triggers at the same time down the handle and make sure the button is pressed in aswell. I also find that I have to put my foot on the bar at the bottom of the pram. 

I don't even know if manoevrability is even a word...but hey who cares! The Xpedior is really good to use when out and about. It doesn't feel heavy and ive used it on smooth and rough terain. My only niggle is is that it is impossible to get the pram up a kurb quickly and safely. If I'm crossing a road and have to go up a kurb I have to stop, put my foot on the bar and then lift which I think is pretty dangerous. I've tried going up a kurb in Silver Cross Surf and kurbs are no problem, I can push on the handle and the front of the pram lifts up easily. 

So, in a nutshell. The Mothercare Xpedior is a great pram if your on a budget. It's a 3 in 1 pram and will last until your baby is a toddler and it comes in some great colours. Unfortunately, if i had the chance knowing what I know now then I would have gone for a better brand, ideally Silver Cross. The Silver Cross Wayfarer and Surf look amazing. Don't be put off by this pram like I've said, for the price it's such a great system that will last. Another alternative I should have looked at would have been the Mothercare Orb, the chassis looks great and has a chrome effect. It's a little bit more expensive than the Xpedior but it looks 10 times better. 
So have any of you ever regretted your choice in pram? Or what prams are you using at the moment? 

Thanks for reading :)

Lolly x

Monday, 6 October 2014

Joey's 3 months old!

I should have posted this earlier but if you've read my previous post you will know it has been hectic...

So on 19th September Joey turned 3 months old...yes 3 months! I don't know where the time has gone! He is such a smiley baby...apart from when he's tired, hungry or wet. He's also really strong and forever moving his legs around, when he is laid flat he looks like he is trying to roll over.
The most noticeable changes are his awareness, he has become so much more aware of things and taking in a lot more. For instance we have his Fisher Price chair in the front room with the detachable tree with dangly toys and an owl that makes a noise. He's never been too interested in trying to touch the toys before but literally 2 weeks before the 3 month mark he loves them. He's forever rocking the chair to make them move and when I pull the own and it plays the tune his face is priceless. 
He has also become very grabby. He holds his little comforter with both hands, he can take his dummy out and put it back in. We gave him a £20 note last week and he wouldn't let go of it...he loves his pennies at such an early age.
He's making more noises, generally just cooing but he does do a few chuckles when he gets over excited. It's not a full on laugh yet but hopefully soon.
Clothes wise he has been in 3-6 months for a few weeks now but some of his 0-3 tops still fit him. He isn't fat but just really solid and he's quite long aswell. His hair is coming on a treat! It's thicker at the back and we can't tell what color he'll end up but he does look really fair at the moment, he has eyebrows but you can't see them. His eyes are dark blue l, my dad had blue eyes and i was always so blue eyes. 
No sign of any peggies coming through but I know they won't be too far away. Poor little thing, hate seeing him in pain. 
So that's everything...Hopefully by the 19th of this month there will be more milestones to tell you all about :) I will end with this amazing picture of Joey in our bed, love the little mischievous smile. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading...until next time.

Lolly x 

Friday, 3 October 2014

What a hectic week...

It's been a while since I last blogged, life has been hectic at the moment with getting Joey's christening organised which was last Sunday.
But the week before Joey's christening I found out via the news that Phones 4 U (the company I work for) had gone into administration. I'm currently about 3 months into my maternity leave and was only meant to go back in March but it was and complete shock! What has upset the rest of the employees so much is the lack of information we received from the company, all the info we were getting was coming from the news or other media outlets. A few of our stores have been saved but the majority have had to be closed down and I am officially redundant :( it's a very sad time, I have been working since leaving school even having a part time job while at uni. It scares me a little bit that the future is uncertain now in terms of having a job. But there's not much I can do apart from let my maternity leave run its course and then try and apply for jobs.
Onto slightly happier news...On Sunday 28th September my little boy Joey was christened. It was such a manic day! I had 3 of my bestest school friends who all live down south come and stay with me. So aswell as looking after a 3 month old i also had to play host aswell, which was great. It was a rather small christening but Joey was as good as gold, he didn't cry or even flinch. He even made everyone laugh. I'm so proud of him I really am.
(Joey, My hubby Chris & Me)

Joey's little christening outfit was bought from a childrenwear stall from Wigan indoor market for £30. Chris's suit is from Matalan and he's wearing his Everton FC tie. I am wearing an Amy Childs dress and Christian Louboutin nude peep toe heels. 

After the christening we went to a local sports club for the reception where we did our own buffet and decorated the room ourself. Never again! I have never been so stressed out over food, I had been awake since 6.30am and we did all the sandwiches and cooking ourself. The food was good but it's just too much hastle. We got Joey's christening cake from Costco; it's £12.99 and feeds around 40 people and it tastes amazing! 
Joey got some lovely presents and the whole day was just amazing. So many people commenting about how well behaved he was. 

On 19th of this month Joey will be 4 months old, I can't believe it. The time is going so fast. I suppose I'll have to start thinking about weaning him soon, I don't think he's ready yet he just about manages to finish a 7oz bottle. Has anybody recently started weaning their baby? How have you gone about it? 

I've just put Joey to sleep and i'm going to settle in and watch The X Factor. 

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading :)
Lolly x