Monday, 6 October 2014

Joey's 3 months old!

I should have posted this earlier but if you've read my previous post you will know it has been hectic...

So on 19th September Joey turned 3 months old...yes 3 months! I don't know where the time has gone! He is such a smiley baby...apart from when he's tired, hungry or wet. He's also really strong and forever moving his legs around, when he is laid flat he looks like he is trying to roll over.
The most noticeable changes are his awareness, he has become so much more aware of things and taking in a lot more. For instance we have his Fisher Price chair in the front room with the detachable tree with dangly toys and an owl that makes a noise. He's never been too interested in trying to touch the toys before but literally 2 weeks before the 3 month mark he loves them. He's forever rocking the chair to make them move and when I pull the own and it plays the tune his face is priceless. 
He has also become very grabby. He holds his little comforter with both hands, he can take his dummy out and put it back in. We gave him a £20 note last week and he wouldn't let go of it...he loves his pennies at such an early age.
He's making more noises, generally just cooing but he does do a few chuckles when he gets over excited. It's not a full on laugh yet but hopefully soon.
Clothes wise he has been in 3-6 months for a few weeks now but some of his 0-3 tops still fit him. He isn't fat but just really solid and he's quite long aswell. His hair is coming on a treat! It's thicker at the back and we can't tell what color he'll end up but he does look really fair at the moment, he has eyebrows but you can't see them. His eyes are dark blue l, my dad had blue eyes and i was always so blue eyes. 
No sign of any peggies coming through but I know they won't be too far away. Poor little thing, hate seeing him in pain. 
So that's everything...Hopefully by the 19th of this month there will be more milestones to tell you all about :) I will end with this amazing picture of Joey in our bed, love the little mischievous smile. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading...until next time.

Lolly x 

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