Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Joey's first sleepover

Where to start...

So last Friday we decided that it was maybe time for Joey to sleep at his nan's house overnight, partly to just give it a trial run for this coming Friday. On friday....Halloween, me and the hubby have got tickets to see the comedian Lee Evans at the Liverpool Echo Arena. We bought the tickets nearly 2 years ago, way before we knew we were having a bambino. The arena is about 30mins away from home and well be getting home late so we planned for Joey to stay the night at his nan's.

We dropped Joey off at his nan's at about 6pm and by 6.30 me and hubby were back at home wondering what to do with ourselves. Anyway at about 9pm we had a text from the hubby's sister saying that Joey was just not settling at all and in tears so we decided to go pick him up. We ended up bringing him home and he slept straight away.

We're still planning on taking him to his nan's on Friday for him to sleepover but i am so worried. I don't want  to cause Joey any distress. It's not like he doesn't go round to his nan's a lot...we're their all the time so he should be used to his surroundings surely????

Has anyone had the same issues with your baby?

Please get intouch if you have any advice

Thanks for reading :)

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