Monday, 20 October 2014

Life as a new mummy

This time last year I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby. It wasn't that much of a surprise, my period was very late when I'm always like clockwork, my boobs were tender and i felt sick. I remember being at work and joking with my work colleagues about why I was feeling ill...."you might be pregnant" they said, I knew I was, all of those signs gave it away.

So on 21st October 2013 on my day off from work I went and got a pregnancy test from asda and felt slightly embarrassed and like I was being judged the exact same feeling as buying condoms. I got 2 ClearBlue tests and i only needed to use the 1, it was positive straight away. It wasn't a shock, I sort of new I was anyway and we hadn't exactly tried to prevent getting pregnant.

It's now a year on and our beautiful Joey is now 4 months old. I couldn't imagine life without him and feel like he's been with us for years. It felt very strange knowing that I had a baby growing inside me, a baby that up until the 20 week scan doesn't have any sort of identity and just refer to the baby as an "it".
With Joey being my first child I had no idea what to expect from being pregnant, Labour and then being a mum. My own mum died when I was 5 so I didn't have that one important person their to guide me through and because of having lost my mum at an early age I began to worry at my own ability to be a good mum. I didn't have a clue, I don't have any brothers or sisters and had never spent any time with babies so I didn't know what to expect. To be honest, I was more scared of having to look after a baby than I was of the birth. I look back now over the past 4 months of my son's life and I reckon I haven't done that bad, from changing Joey's first pooey nappy on the ward on my own at 3am to his teething cries. We've got through the past 4 months without any major problems. I must credit Google though for its outstanding parenting advice, it's always been their for those confused moments....
- why is my baby's poo black like tar?
- how to change a babies nappy
- my baby has a gooey eye
- my baby has dry skin
- how to get rid of cradle cap
- can I take my baby through the car wash???...obvs inside the car
- is Peppa Pig aimed at girls AND boys?

There's obviously been a lot more questions thrown at the Internet but they are the main ones. But I must say Joey has blended in quite well, he is a very happy baby and only cries when he needs feeding or changing. He is quite good at telling me what he needs.
The hardest moments for me over the past 4 months were mostly in his early weeks, waking up for his feeds twice in the night when I was breast feeding left me exhausted. His first round of immunisations terrified me, he was in so much pain afterwards and i couldn't stop crying aswell as him. Taking him to A&E with me in the early hours when my grandad was ill, we were their from 2.30am until 6.30am.

Joey loves...
Shopping: even at a few weeks old Joey has loved going shopping. He has never cried or whinged when we have been shopping, he loves taking in his surroundings and seeing different people. 
Car: Joey absolutely loves being in the car, we're in the car quite a lot so I'm glad he enjoys it. Most of the time he is asleep but when he isn't he just chills out. 
Bath time: Joey is very happy and content while in his bath. We bath him every other night and it's my favourite time of his bedtime routine. 
Even though it has been hard the last 4 months have also been so rewarding, I'm loving watching Joey grow up. I just wanted to share my take on Joey's first 4 months.

How has your first couple of months been with your new baby or do you have any worries? Please get in touch.

Thanks for reading :) 
Lolly x

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