Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mothercare Xpedior Pushchair Travel System Review

I thought it may be about time that I wrote a review about Joey's pram which is the Mothercare Xpedior with Blue Colour pack.

Me, testing the pram.
So in February we went to Mothercare just to look at prams and ended up ordering the Xpedior without testing any other prams. We couldn't wait to have it delivered in May to the mother-in-laws. As soon as I knew it had arrived I went round and was so eiger to get it all set up!  Now...I'm no stranger to DIY but the pram took 4 of us to try and fathem out but we finally got it sorted.

Car Seat
So when Joey arrived in June we used the car seat all the time and we still do now 17 weeks on. I'd say the car seat is quite heavy on its own even without Joey in it, you then add an 18lb baby and it feels like my arms are going to fall off. The car seat is so handy though if I want to just pop into the supermarket for a few bits instead of getting a trolley.

The other bit of the pram is the seat/carry a carry cot it's great! It's really nice to let baby snuggle up but we really haven't used the car cot that much. My main issue is with the actual seat. When baby is facing me in the pram, anyone walking towards you gets a good luck at the back of the pram and i must admit it looks cheap and not that comfy. Another concern is that the seat isn't that prominent, it just looks like a slope and i don't feel like the baby is that comfy, safe or secure. 

There's 2 types of storage I can talk about here; the storage basket and storing the chassis. One of the main things that encouraged me to buy the Xpedior was because of the generous size of the storage basket. You can store quite a lot of shopping underneath and even big enough to store my Pink Lining changing bag. Storing the chassis of the pram is easy, especially in the car. I have a 3 door Ford Fiesta so not a big car, we manage to store the chassis in the boot without taking any wheels off. Getting the chassis to fold down is easy once you get the hang of it, it took me about a week to fully get used to folding it down. You have to pull both of the triggers at the same time down the handle and make sure the button is pressed in aswell. I also find that I have to put my foot on the bar at the bottom of the pram. 

I don't even know if manoevrability is even a word...but hey who cares! The Xpedior is really good to use when out and about. It doesn't feel heavy and ive used it on smooth and rough terain. My only niggle is is that it is impossible to get the pram up a kurb quickly and safely. If I'm crossing a road and have to go up a kurb I have to stop, put my foot on the bar and then lift which I think is pretty dangerous. I've tried going up a kurb in Silver Cross Surf and kurbs are no problem, I can push on the handle and the front of the pram lifts up easily. 

So, in a nutshell. The Mothercare Xpedior is a great pram if your on a budget. It's a 3 in 1 pram and will last until your baby is a toddler and it comes in some great colours. Unfortunately, if i had the chance knowing what I know now then I would have gone for a better brand, ideally Silver Cross. The Silver Cross Wayfarer and Surf look amazing. Don't be put off by this pram like I've said, for the price it's such a great system that will last. Another alternative I should have looked at would have been the Mothercare Orb, the chassis looks great and has a chrome effect. It's a little bit more expensive than the Xpedior but it looks 10 times better. 
So have any of you ever regretted your choice in pram? Or what prams are you using at the moment? 

Thanks for reading :)

Lolly x


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