Friday, 3 October 2014

What a hectic week...

It's been a while since I last blogged, life has been hectic at the moment with getting Joey's christening organised which was last Sunday.
But the week before Joey's christening I found out via the news that Phones 4 U (the company I work for) had gone into administration. I'm currently about 3 months into my maternity leave and was only meant to go back in March but it was and complete shock! What has upset the rest of the employees so much is the lack of information we received from the company, all the info we were getting was coming from the news or other media outlets. A few of our stores have been saved but the majority have had to be closed down and I am officially redundant :( it's a very sad time, I have been working since leaving school even having a part time job while at uni. It scares me a little bit that the future is uncertain now in terms of having a job. But there's not much I can do apart from let my maternity leave run its course and then try and apply for jobs.
Onto slightly happier news...On Sunday 28th September my little boy Joey was christened. It was such a manic day! I had 3 of my bestest school friends who all live down south come and stay with me. So aswell as looking after a 3 month old i also had to play host aswell, which was great. It was a rather small christening but Joey was as good as gold, he didn't cry or even flinch. He even made everyone laugh. I'm so proud of him I really am.
(Joey, My hubby Chris & Me)

Joey's little christening outfit was bought from a childrenwear stall from Wigan indoor market for £30. Chris's suit is from Matalan and he's wearing his Everton FC tie. I am wearing an Amy Childs dress and Christian Louboutin nude peep toe heels. 

After the christening we went to a local sports club for the reception where we did our own buffet and decorated the room ourself. Never again! I have never been so stressed out over food, I had been awake since 6.30am and we did all the sandwiches and cooking ourself. The food was good but it's just too much hastle. We got Joey's christening cake from Costco; it's £12.99 and feeds around 40 people and it tastes amazing! 
Joey got some lovely presents and the whole day was just amazing. So many people commenting about how well behaved he was. 

On 19th of this month Joey will be 4 months old, I can't believe it. The time is going so fast. I suppose I'll have to start thinking about weaning him soon, I don't think he's ready yet he just about manages to finish a 7oz bottle. Has anybody recently started weaning their baby? How have you gone about it? 

I've just put Joey to sleep and i'm going to settle in and watch The X Factor. 

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading :)
Lolly x 

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