Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Baby Brands you need to know about

Ever since I've started blogging and reading other people's blogs I've come across some amazing baby fashion brands and most of them seem to be across the pond in the U.S. I don't know why this is, I know there must be some amazing British baby brands on our small little island.

Joey's clothes are mostly from the likes of Asda or Tesco and that's just because those stores are nearby and convenient and also don't make your eyes bleed when you look at the price tag. But recently I've been coming across these cute little baby brands that are producing some great little items which don't break the bank even being shipped from the states. I'm a great believer of being a shepherd not a sheep but sometimes you just can't help in buying stuff that everyone else has. These little brands allow you to shake up your babes wardrobe and have something that not a lot of people will have.
So here are some baby brands you need to check out:

I literally have just found this brand on instagram. Some great little baby grows that are handmade and designed by hand aswell. It looks like they are creating a website at the moment to take orders but I love this little Cèlfie vest. Very similar to the designer Celine tshirts and jumpers.

Boco Baby

This is an amazing company which specialises in making personalised clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers and children. I was introduced to this brand courtesy of Hannah from First Time Mummy, her little boy Austin has a minky blanket from Boco Baby. Their products include; minky blankets, swaddles, tops, bottoms, hats, headbands and full outfits. Again, like meenieMe, Boco Baby is based in the U.S. so there is a shipping fee. As these products are personalised and handmade they aren't exactly cheap. A regular size minky blanket is about £50. I have ordered Joey a minky blanket for christmas and i can't wait to see it. Even though it is slightly pricey, i'm confident that he'll keep it forever and use it a lot. 

Simple Sawyer 

Another amazing little brand which sells handmade clothing is Simple Sawyer. Again, these are based in the U.S. and the products are mostly leggings. Now, my little chunk Joey has some chunky thighs, he is nearly 5 months but the 3-6months trousers he has are too tight for him now. So, i've started to buy him just leggings and tracksuit pants. Again, i found this brand from Hannah at First Time Mummy as little Austin is their brand rep. They have a great range of leggings and some other things. These are currently in my basket and i'll be buying them soon. 

These baby brands are great and i'm hoping to order some stuff for Joey soon. Its so important that we support small businesses like these, especially when the products are beautifully handmade. I'd love for Joey to be a brand rep for a little baby boutique and represent the amazing work they do. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, if you haven't all ready please have a look at these brands and feel free to recommend any others. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Lolly x 

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