Thursday, 27 November 2014

Gender-specific Childrens Toys

I was watching This Morning today and they had a segment asking "Should we buy gender-specific toys?". This isn't the first time i've seen a debate on this topic, but now that I have Joey I seem to be thinking about this more. 

I remember when I was a kid I had most of the popular toys for girls. I had the collectors edition Barbie's, normal barbie's, Baby Born you name it. I loved playing with my dolls and dressing up. I never remember playing with any boys toys, I didn't have any brothers or young cousins so they just weren't something I ever got to play with. I wouldn't say I was a girly girl, but I wasn't a tomboy either. I have a little boy now, he's only 5 months old so I suppose up until he can ask for stuff himself I will just buy him the boy toys. When he's a few years old he may ask for a barbie or something a bit girly and I suspect that i'll let him have it. I wouldn't want to upset him and buy something different that he won't use. I also suspect that my hubby wouldn't be too pleased and wouldn't let him have anything girly. Months ago, as I started to let Joey watch the television I'd put Peppa Pig on and it got me this cartoon aimed at boys AND girls??? You must admit their is a lot of pink, and I know they're pigs so I suppose they have to be pink but I don't seem to find a lot of George Pig things it all revolves around Peppa. When I was growing up I used to watch Tellytubbies, Noddy, Rainbow, Barny, Mr Blobby etc which aren't targeted to a specific gender which was great. 

I read one of the This Morning facebook comments about this story and I read that one lady had asked her grandson what he wanted for Christmas and the little boy replied back with "Whats the point? Santa never brings me the girly toys that I like" or something to that effect. I would be absolutely heartbroken if Joey said something like that to me. As long as he is happy and healthy, it shouldn't really matter should it? 

I would love to know your thoughts on this. What toys do your children love to play with? 

Thanks for reading :)

Lolly x 

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