Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hello Baby 4D Scan

In April, just before i went on maternity leave i had a 4D scan at Hello Baby, which is one of two baby scan centers in St Helens. I had bought a Groupon voucher a few weeks earlier which meant that we paid £49 for a 15 minute session instead of £60. As soon as I found out i was pregnant i couldn't wait to book one but actually finding a date was pretty difficult as me and the hubby worked full-time and it was difficult to get days off together. Hello Baby has been really popular with pregnant celebrities living in the north-west, Jennifer Ellison has visited the boutique on many occasions during her pregnancies even having one of her baby showers their. Their are a variety of packages available; early scans can be done as early as 7 weeks, sexing scans from 16 weeks and they also offer HD Live. One thing I was really impressed with are the range of extras you can buy on the day of your scan like key rings, gender scratch cards etc. For any info regarding prices please visit the Hello Baby website.

So, Chris and I went for our scan. It was really busy and had to wait a while before it was our turn. Even though the boutique is quite small, it really is lovely. The decor is a mixture of baby pinks and blue with lovely furniture in the waiting room. We were shown into the scan room which is equipped with all the relevant scanning equipment and a hospital style bed. In front of the bed, on the wall is the television screen where the scan is shown. All of the scans at Hello Baby are performed by highly qualified ultrasound scanners, the lady who scanned me was american and very nice. As I was 34 weeks, i was warned that the scan may not pick up an image of the baby well....and they were right. Their wasn't one single picture that was good, it was no fault of the scanners, Joey was just so big and didn't have a lot of room to move. Hello Baby kindly invited us back in a weeks time to have another scan and it was much better. A 4D scan works more or less the same way as a normal sonogram at the hospital, you lie on a bed the sonographer puts jelly on your belly and you see your baby or babies. After the scan we then went onto the computer and chose 2 pictures to be printed out and then the rest went on a disc for us to take home.

Now that he's been born you can't really see any resemblance to the scans which I know with some you can. The only thing that resembles Joey is that when he was in my tum his hands were forever in front of his face and he does the same now. But it was such a lovely experience and I'm glad that we did it. Hello Baby have such a good reputation and if we were to have baby number 2 then I would definitely go back. If any of you mums-to-be have a 4D scan centre nearby and you've never had one done before the I would recommend you get one done.
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