Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Joey's AW14 Essentials

We're in November now and even though the weather has been quite mild I seem to be wrapping Joey up more when we go out now. He will be 5 months old in a few weeks time so I thought I would share some of his AW14 essentials with you all. 

1) Faux Fur Snowsuit - £12
This is a must have in any baby's wardrobe. An all in one that's all snuggly warm. Joey's is £12 from George at Asda which is a great price. It also comes with detachable mittens
2) Fleece Trapper Hood and Gloves Set - £4
Another great essential from George at Asda. A lovely and soft hat that covers babies ears with a lovely matching pair of gloves. One thing I will say about the gloves is that they are very tight, there is no give in the elastic at all.
3) Long sleeve shirts
Another must have in any baby's wardrobe. Joey has quite a lot of long sleeves now that it's getting colder and you can pair them with anything whether it's jeans or tracksuit bottoms. 

You will notice that most of Joey's clothes are from Asda, they do have a great range of baby and children's clothes. I especially love the Disney stuff they do. The only reason I buy all of his stuff from Asda is purely because it's really the only place in my town that does baby clothes at a decent price. We do have Tesco, they do great clothes too but I've found that Asda offer more for your money. And not only that it's just handy to pop in when I need anything. Our nearest Mothercare is 30mins away and I haven't been since Joey arrived. 

When your dressing your little one to go out in the winter layering is very important. I usually put Joey in a vest, t-shirts and trousers. Now, depending on how cold it is I'll just put him in his normal coat or his all in one coat. I always have a hat and a pair of mittens in his changing bag. 

I hope youve found this post helpful. Ill finish with a picture of Joey's favourite winter get up at the moment, his Me To You all-in-one. How cute does he look!

Thanks for reading :) 

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