Monday, 3 November 2014

Joey sleeps in his own room - Week 1

On Sunday night I posted about it being Joey's first night in his own room and in his cotbed.   I thought I would share his first week with you...

When I first put him in bed on Sunday night he made me laugh so much, he kept lifting his legs up and then throwing them down onto the bed and he like properly made the bed shake. But because he had his sleeping bag on he sort of looked like a mermaid flapping about. Me and the hubby were in fits of laughter.
So, shortly after my blog post was published on Sunday at about 10pm Joey woke up screaming. I was reluctant to pick him up but his dummy wouldn't even stop him crying. I picked him up and took him into my abed and patted his back until he fell asleep. I tried him again in his room with his tranquil turtle and he fell back to sleep. He was absolutely amazing during the rest of the night, it was me who was a nightmare! I just couldn't get to sleep, worrying about him being on his own and scared that the baby monitor would just stop working. I was so tired but didn't want to go to sleep. I ended up drifting off and then waking up and going to check on him. I even had a dream that I actually thought was real...I dreamt that Joey walked into our bedroom saying he couldn't sleep. He's 4 months old...I thought I was going mad!
I had to get up a few times in the early hours of the morning because his dummy kept falling out and he kept huffing and puffing. But he didn't properly wake up until after 7am. Which for him is brilliant! He usually has me up at 5.30.

Monday Night: 
Joey was surprisingly calm on Monday night, no crying or anything. I took him up to bed at 7.30pm got him changed and gave him a bottle. He didn't actually fall asleep until 8.30/9pm. He had a better nights sleep and I was a lot calmer. I still got up a few times during the night to check on him. He woke up a bit before 7am but at least it's not 5.30am like it was before. 

Tuesday Night: 
Tonight was a bit of a fail. I tried to put Joey in his own room, he fell asleep watching the soaps on my bed. I picked him up and he didn't wake up until I out him in his own cot. He just didn't settle and all and he ended up back in our room Inn his moses basket. I doubt he'll be in his own room tomorrow... it's bonfire night and already people letting off fireworks near us. 

Wednesday night:
Bonfire night - the night that all parents, babies and pets hate. Because of the fireworks I put him in our room. The fireworks kept him awake

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Still in our room. Fireworks still being let off and their even worse than bonfire night. 

So all in all. These week has been an epic fail. I really need to just get him in his own room though. He's getting too big for his moses basket. If you have tips to get him to sleep in his own room please let me know. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Lolly x 

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