Monday, 3 November 2014

Joey's teething journey

Not long ago I mentioned that Joey has started teething...Poor bugger :( He is forever sticking his fist into his mouth and drooling everywhere...oh and crying his eyes out at night. 
Well he did just have the 1 tooth appearing but now there's 2! The first one I noticed seems to have slowed down a bit and the 2nd one I noticed is shooting through...
Excuse the really bad picture. You can sort of see the white coming through on his top gum. 

So it seems that the teething pain really gets to him at night at around 6pm, it doesn't really bother him during the day just at night. 

Joey's Teething Essentials:
Dentinox teething gel - I apply this to his gums throughout the day and let him nibble my finger a little bit. 
Ashton & Parsons Infant Powders - these are pretty expensive at £5.99 for 20 sachets and from what I hear they are like gold dust to get hold of. He's only been taking it for 2 days so we'll see whether it's worth the money. 
Calpol - no medicine cabinet should be without this. I only give him the standard 2.5ml dose at night time and it seems to take the pain away enough for him to sleep. 
Teething rings - standard teething rings you just pop in the fridge. These can be a bit of a hit or miss, sometimes he just won't graphics them or they won't fit in his mouth properly. 
Tommee Tippee Teething guards - these are sort of like gumshields but with the rubber in the shape of their gums. I've tried these with him once and he just started to gag with them but ill try again. 

As.of yet he hasn't been put off his milk or anything which is good. I just hate seeing him in so much pain :( 

Feel free to offer any other teething advice. 

Thanks for reading :) 

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