Thursday, 13 November 2014

Love Exclusive Photoshoot Experience

Back in March when I was around 30 weeks pregnant I had a photoshoot makeover at Love Exclusive in Deansgate, Manchester. I was chosen by a friend of mine who had had her own makeover done to be selected for a VIP makeover. That basically meant that the whole makeover was free and I could take a friend or partner with me, I took my sister-in-law Louise with me. The weeks leading up to the makeover I was really nervous, I was pregnant and didn't have a thing to wear. We were told to bring at least 4 outfits for the shoot co plate with shoes and accessories. Being as pregnant as I was hardly anything fitted me in the way of going out dresses, I hadn't gone out and bought any maternity dresses  and I didn't really want to just buy a few dresses to wear for an afternoon. So I took 4 dresses to squeeze into and my beloved Louboutins which go with everything. Even though my outfits weren't the best I was confident that the photographers would use their magic to make me look amazing.

But the day came and off we went to Manchester, the Love Exclusive studios are based in Deansgate, Manchester right next to the Hilton skyscraper hotel. The studios aren't too far away from Manchester City centre and there are some really nice restaurants nearby. We arrived at about 12pm and were seated in the main reception area which we also saw was used for some of the photoshoots. Before our treatments started we had to fill in a form with basic personal details but also about how you want your pictures to be retouched/photoshopped. Now, because I've suffered with acne and acne scarring for years I just asked for any spots or imperfections on my face to be removed...and maybe make the top of my arms thinner. Not long after, we were taken through to the treatment rooms for our facials. It was then time for our makeup which was the best and most important part, Louise and I sat next to each other while two makeup stylists did our make up using the best products. I was so pleased with the makeup and the hair. 

The photoshoot was really great. The photographer made me feel really comfortable which is the most important thing, the last thing you want is to have a photographer who you feel uncomfortable with but she really was amazing. Their was one main studio and each side of the room had different backdrops and props to use. The main reception was also used during the shoot which I thought was such a genius way to have more looks. I felt so comfortable the whole time and I would love love love to do it again. After the photoshoot was finished we got dressed and sat in the reception where we were given a light lunch of sandwiches, cake and a drink. We then had to wait a while until our pictures had been edited on the computer. We were then shown to a lovely little room which had an array of photographs on the walls as examples of the sort of work you could take away with you. The photo editor went through each of our pictures and we picked a few that we liked and then tried to whittle it down to just the one. It was so hard! Most of the pictures were amazing and I wanted to have all of them but that would have set me back about £500. Even though my session was free because I was nominated by a friend who had paid for their experience, there is an actual price. There are several packages/experiences on offer but the one that I had included:
  • Champagne Reception
  • Clarins Facial
  • Mini manicure and OPI nail varnishes
  • Celebrity stylist makeover experience inc 1 hair and make up change
  • Photography shoot with female photographer in state of the art studio
  • 1 image on Cd
  • Light Lunch 
This package is usually £199 which I agree is expensive and if I hadn't of had a VIP invite then I wouldn't of paid that myself, not because the whole experience wasn't great but simply because I had a baby on the way....and my hubby would have killed me. The whole day was fantastic so I'm not saying it wasn't worth the money but on top of that there are the price of any pictures you want to buy. You do get to choose 1 image to have on a disc and take home, as I was pregnant and had quite a bit of a bump I went for one of my bump pictures so that I could have a reminder of such a special time in my life.

I absolutely love this picture, I've been saying for months that I'm going to get it put on a canvas. 
I had such a good time at Love Exclusive and it was an amazing experience. If you are thinking of having a photoshoot experience and not far from Manchester then I would highly recommend but only if you can afford it or if you've been gifted it. I really wish I had the money to buy the rest of the pictures because they were lovely. If the studio still had my pictures and wanted to gift them to me that would be amazing, i would love those pictures as it was such a special time in my life being pregnant and they did such a great job.
Maybe in a few years time I may treat myself but in the meantime I'm happy with my bump picture.  

Thanks for reading :) 

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