Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Honest Guide to After the birth

Attention all mums-to-be! This post is directed to all those soon to be mummies who are wondering what the heck happens after you have given birth. Yes, you have that small bundle of joy in your arms but have you wondered what happens to your body after birth?

I found this really helpful article The Honest Guide to After the Birth on the Bounty website. I had Joey about 22 weeks ago so i have been through everything in this article (and more) from the leaky boobies to having stitches. I sort of knew before i gave birth that all these things would happen anyway but i thought this article just gets straight to the point. 

Don't be afraid ladies, this happens to every new mum. You'd think after being uncomfortable for 9 months and going through hours of labour that we would be able to relax and get used to our new post-partum bodies. Oh no, mother nature then drops a massive bombshell and subjects us to leaky boobs, postnatal bleeding and stitches.

Stitches - I had to have stitches after Joey was born, i wasn't cut i just had a little bit of a tear but dear lord those stitches were so uncomfortable. It was agony to sit down, lie down, walk...you name it. They healed in about a week which wasn't too bad. 

Postnatal Bleeding - The postnatal bleeding started as soon as Joey was born and i had loads of maternity pads. I bled for about 6 weeks, every woman is different and can bleed for about 2 to 6 weeks. its just like having an extremely long period. There are different varietys of towels you can get but most midwives recommend the really thick ones that are padded which provide comfort if you have stitches aswell. 

Leaky boobies - I also had leaky boobies which was a nightmare, i was breast feeding so they leaked all the time. Obviously, I invested in a shed load of breast pads but i found that some brands of pads were just rubbish and just absorbed really quickly. The most annoying time they would leak is when i was getting in/out of the shower and if my boobs were really full they would squirt in different directions. I only breastfed for about 12 weeks and my boobs went back to normal really quickly. I tried loads of different breast pads but the ones i liked the most were Asda's Little Angels

There are few things that aren't in the article that i experienced and probably a few women experience. Without going in too much detail, piles were a big problem for me. I must have pushed and strained so hard to get Joey out that i was left with a few piles which when you have stitches aswell were just horrendous. One thing i used to get rid of them was a cream called AnuSol which you can get from most chemists, pretty pricey at £5.99 but it got rid of them pretty quick. 

Every woman is different and can experience so many different things both during and after pregnancy. If you  are suffering with anything at anytime during your pregnancy/after and you are not sure then please seek medical attention. I hope you've found this blog post useful. 

Thanks for reading :)

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