Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gro Hush Baby Calmer

 Last month, Joey and I were chosen by The Gro Company to review their new product, the Gro-hush. Which has been deemed the next 'must have' baby product. Well it arrived last week and I've been using it on Joey, he is the intended target market...even if mummy uses it sometimes aswell.

The Gro Hush is a hand held white noise baby comforter that can be used from birth. It has 3 different white noise sounds and they can be operated by pressing the buttons which consist of heartbeat, rain and waves.

Obviously, research has been done by the Gro Company as to the different levels of white noise and they've gone all scientific on us. I was kindly sent the research findings and i found it quite interesting, reading this sort of took me back to my uni days reading all those case studys. Without boring you too much and giving you lots of info I've gone through the most interesting information. Now, we should all be slightly familiar with decibels, there are different levels such as dangerous levels, extremely loud and very loud. The Gro Company has sort advice from the The Children's Hearing Institute to give some examples of noise levels that some of us encounter on a daily basis.

According to the info provided by Gro Company it is advised that "anything fewer than 80 Decibels is safe for humans for an unlimited length of time". The Gro Hush is set at 75 decibels, so is perfectly safe our bambinos delicate ears.

Enough of all the scientific talk, Down to the actual review. I've used the Gro Hush quite a few times now with Joey, mainly at night when I'm trying to get him to sleep. The first few tries he just kept pushing it away but recently when I've used it I've laid him at the side of me in bed and left the Hush at the side of him and he falls asleep. Usually he won't fall asleep straight away and he likes having the TV on in the background. So last night I still had the TV on but when I put the hush next to him he turned his head away from the TV and towards the Hush and then fell asleep. Joey is nearly 6 months old so I can't get him to sleep by holding him anymore. People say that the best way to calm your baby is holding them near you and that's all the calming they need. But Joey loves a bit of white noise to calm him or get him to sleep.

In hindsight I wish I had been given this/bought the Gro Hush when Joey was newborn. I think all those sleepless nights may have been slightly better with this product. Will it last much longer with Joey? I don't know, is the answer, he's teething and he's getting older and more restless so only time will tell. It's handy to take out and about so you could use it during the day. The material that goes against baby's ear does come off and can be washed which is great. This product would be great for any new mums or mums-to-be looking for something to calm baby. The Gro Company are a fantastic brand and have a variety of other products available, we also have the Gro-egg room thermometer in joey's room which is great.

The Gro-Hush retails at £34.99 and is available from a wide range of stockists. I was sent this product free of charge in order to review. All opinions are my own.

I hope you have found this review helpful.

Thanks for reading

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