Saturday, 27 December 2014

Joey's 6 months old

It's finally here, Joey's 6 month update. Can't believe he is half a year old already...and it's his first ever Christmas.

Not a lot has changed since last month's review, I mean yes I can see a lot of changes and progressions in Joey but nothing to really write home about. The day before his 6 month birthday (can I really class it as a birthday at 6months??? Well I don't know how else to word it) I took him for his monthly baby clinic where he gets weighed and checked by the health visitor. His weight as of 18th December is 20lbs..and hell I can feel every one of those pounds. He's not fat but just really solid and mummy's back is really suffering. He is a little chatterbox, forever just sat chunnering to himself and it's so cute, he makes some lovely little brumm brumm noises aswell. 

I've probably mentioned in a previous update but Joey has had a really bad chest for a few months now. He's already been on a course of antibiotics and an inhaler which have both not made any difference. So a few weeks back I took him back to the doctors and he referred us to a specialist for February and on new years eve he will be having and chest X-Ray.  I'm guessing that the results of the X-Ray will be discussed with us in February. 

I thought his 6th month would bring lots of lovely new milestones but it hasn't really. Joey can sit up a lot more unaided which is great. He's still trying to master the art of rolling over which is fun to watch, he only manages to get on his side and then gets very frustrated. His hair is coming along nicely, it's all a bit fuzzy at the moment and he's definitely going to be a blondey.
Look at that hair!
Joey's finally sleeping all the way through. He sleeps from 7/7.30pm until about 6am, although he has had me up a few times at 5 am but when he wakes that early I change his nappy and just get him in our bed and try and get him to sleep for an hour. His naps during the day see becoming shorter and shorter, unless we've been doing something exciting during the day he may nap for an hour if I'm lucky. 

At his 6 month check up I was advised/told that I need to reduce his milk drastically and introduce more solids. He typically has around 7oz per feed and he'll have around 5 feeds per day. Over the past few weeks we have been doing a bit of weaning to introduce him to different foods and textures and he has been leaving about an oz or 2 in his bottle. As I'm writing this Joey has been on 3 meals a day for about a week and he seems to be enjoying everything. I am just using pre prepared baby food until I know the types of things he likes. For breakfast he has either multi grain, porridge or mango/banana brekkie. For lunch he'll have Heinz Cheesy Veg with Pasta or a left over dinner pouch. 

Joey's peggies are still yet to make a proper appearance, they are still bothering him. Christmas day he was in quite a bit of pain with them...Poor thing. I really had hoped by Christmas he would have had at least 1 tooth through. 

Joey is well and truly in the 6-9months range now. Some of the 6-9month sleep suits are a bit too long for him, so pj wise he's in 3-6 months. 

Well that's Joey's 6 month update done and dusted. 

Thanks for reading 

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