Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Joey's Weaning Journey

Joey will be 6 months old on 19th December, a whole half a year old! But 6 months also means it is the recommended age for weaning.

I started Joey weaning when he was 4 months old, just on the baby rice, baby porridge and the odd melted rusks. And even though they are quite bland introductory foods he's seemed to like them. He hasn't pulled any faces or turned away anything so I take that as a sign that he likes his food. Once I was certain he had no alergies to those first foods I then tried him with Cow & Gate fruit puree pouches and again he seemed to like the taste of that aswell. Aswell as the fruit purees, Joey has also tried the little jars which I'd say are more for lunchtimes and tea time. He's had baby cauliflower & cheese, creamy carrot & potato and Grandpa's Sunday lunch. 
Thanks for the pink spoon Daddy
His routine hasn't really changed, he just doesn't nap for as long but his feeds look a bit like this:
6/7am: Joey wakes up and has 1st bottle of the day. Sometimes he'll nap straight after his feed.
8/9am: Naptime or porridge if he isn't sleepy
9.30am: 2nd bottle 
11am: 3rd bottle 
1/1.30pm: 4th bottle
2/3pm: Yoghurt
4pm: bottle 
7pm: last Feed before bed
7.30pm: Joey's bedtime 
This routine isn't set in stone so sometimes bottles are at slightly different times depending on what we're doing during the day. Also he doesn't have food every day, 3 times a day, I just introduce it as and when I think he needs it. 

As you've probably read in a previous post, Joey already has his own baby Christmas Dinner courtesy of Ella's Kitchen. I'm really excited that we've started his weaning and i can't wait to see him discover different tastes. When Joey is eating more than a few spoonfuls I'll probably make his food myself. I still need to get the equipment to do that, for the meantime the little pouches are fine. I seem to be giving him a fee spoonfuls and then because they only last 24 hours in the fridge I then have to throw them away with loads still in. So I am on the Luck out for some little pots I can separate the pouch into and then freeze. 

I look forward to updating you all with Joey's progress. Any handy tips or food recommendations would be great! 
Obviously enjoying his food
Thanks for reading :)
L x

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