Friday, 9 January 2015

Get your marks, set....Weaning

We're well in to Joey's Weaning Journey and he is a little champ.

Since our last weaning update we were told by the health visitor that I needed to reduce his bottles and start him on 3 meals a day. Typically in one day Joey can have 6 to 7 6oz bottles. It has been suggested that once at 6months and weaning that baby's should be having between 500ml/ 600ml (about a pint) a day.
With that in mind, I was so confused as to what I actually needed to reduce...The amount of bottles he has or the ounce of milk per bottle. I've managed to knock out 1 bottle so far so he's on about 5 bottles a day now. His routine has only changed slightly to introduce his 3 meals a day.

In terms of food Joey seems to like everything.
Breakfast: Oat & Banana Multi grain or porridge
Lunch: Heinz Cheesy Veg pasta or tea leftovers
Tea: Spaghetti Bol, fish pie, roast pork, beef stew

At the moment I am still relying on pre made packets or jars for his meals. Once I'm pretty confident of his tastes and what he likes then I will start making food myself, blending it up and storing in the freezer. The pre made sachets are great but they are expensive, some are more than £1 which is understandable because of the great ingredients.

So far he has had a lot of combination. He's had meats, pasta and veg. One of the things that is most important is to make sure that at this stage that baby is getting plenty of iron. The iron that baby would have got from being in mums tummy will now have been used up. So finding those foods that are high in iron is so important.

Another tip is to invest in some little pots to freeze/store baby food. If I buy a big jar of baby food, once opened has to be used in either 24/48 hours. To minimise waste I separate the jar into small pots that I can then pop into the freezer and then just defrost a couple of hours before lunch or tea.
Hopefully sometime this month I will be investing in a blender of some kind so that I can make my own food. I haven't a clue what I'm looking for...maybe a hand blender??? I need some help or advice so if you know a great hand blender or other equipment used for weaning I'd love to know.

Thanks for reading :)
L x

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