Thursday, 1 January 2015

Joey's 1st Christmas

I hope you all have had a great Christmas... I know that a lot of you are probably having your 1st Christmas with a new baby just like me.

This time last year we were saying "This time next year it will be baby's first christmas". December has been a lovely and magical month, getting ready for Christmas. Joey is only 6months old so I know he doesn't understand or know what's going on but for me and Mr V it's just been such a memorable time.
We didn't go mad with presents this year, Joey got things that he needed and got spoiled by his nan and Auntie. I've already written a post about Christmas a while ago about my hopes for this Christmas and future Christmas's but this year was so important to start those family Christmas traditions. So on Christmas eve Joey was allowed to open one present which was his new big boy pyjamas.

I put Joey to bed as usual and he didn't wake up until about 8 am on Christmas morning...I happened to be awake at about 5 am. I couldn't wait to see Joey opening his presents. He loves the sound of rustling paper but he was more interested in eating the wrapping paper.

I got more or less everything that was on his Christmas list....
- Boco Baby minky blanket
This was Joey's main Christmas present, I'd seen quite a few of these blankets on instagram and i love anything personalised. Boco Baby is a business created by mumpreneur Chandler Sykes which creates some lovely personalised baby items such as blankets, trousers, headbands and hats designed using your child's name. Chandler says "Parents spend 9 months coming up with the perfect name, why wouldn’t they want to announce it to the the world with style!" So I ordered a regular minky blanket in slate with navy minky material. Their are loads of different designs, colours and fonts to choose from which enables you to have a completely bespoke item. I absolutely love Joey's blanket and it is something he can keep forever.
- My 1st Years personalised booties
Another brand that I'd found online is My 1st Years which specialise in personalised baby products. As a self confessed Ugg addict, a girl can never have too many pairs and even though Joey is a boy I think these booties are so cute. On the back of the booties you can add personalisation such as a name, Joey has Joseph on the back of them. They are so soft and come in a variety of colours and are sent in a lovely blue keepsake box.
- Sounds 'N' Tunes Crib Piano
Joey's godfather got him this from Smyths which was nice of him. Joey absolutely loves it and it gets his legs moving. It has 3 different sound modes so it keeps him entertained.
- Leapfrog MyPal Scout
I was going to get him a Mickey Mouse Talking teddy but I saw this in Smyths for £12.99 and it does a lot more than what Mickey promised to do. Scout teaches colours, animals, songs etc and you can programme it to say your child's name and favourite things. Joey has played with it quite a lot and he really likes it.
- Baby Mickey Activity Ball
The first time Joey got his hands on this it made him laugh uncontrollably. You have to either whack or drop the ball for it make a noise. At £5 I thought it was a great little toy.
- Sophie La Giraffe Teether
I'd wanted to get him one of these for ages but could never decide which one to go for as their are a few varieties to choose from.
I really wanted to get him a Mamas & Papas Baby Bud seat but I decided to wait until after Christmas to see if their were any offers on, I ordered it the other day so hopefully next week we'll get it.
After round 1 of the present opening was done it was time for us to get ready and go to the mother-in-laws for Round 2 and our Christmas dinner. We all got rather spoilt, but Joey had the most gifts.  Then it was time for Christmas dinner, cooked by the mother-in-law which was amazing as always. Joey even had his very own Christmas dinner thanks to Ella's Kitchen and in his new high chair.

We all had such a great day but by 5pm we were all shattered. Joey's gums were hurting so myself and Mr V took him home. Because it had been such a long day I knew Joey would be asleep for 6pm and then have me up so early the next morning so I was asleep for 7.30pm. Even though Joey didn't have a clue what was going on it was still such a memorable day. I took lots of pictures of him not just on Christmas day but throughout December. I will also be keeping most of this year's christmas cards and putting them in his memory box.

I'd love to know how you all enjoyed your Christmas with new babies.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas's and had a fab new year.

Thanks for reading
L x

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