Sunday, 25 January 2015

Joey's 7 months old

Joey is now 7 months that last month has flown by. There have been so many little changes in him it's unbelievable, he doesn't feel like a babba anymore.

Yesterday we took Joey for his monthly health check up and he weighs 20lb 5oz, which means he's only put on 5oz since his last weigh in a month ago. I suppose 5oz is better than nothing but their isn't really any explanation as to why he hasn't put on any weight. He's still as happy as ever, he hasn't been ill and he's been on 3 meals of solids for a month (aswell as his milk). It has worried me quite a bit, he may seem fine but their might be something wrong that we can't see. Joey is due to see a specialist at the beginning of February about his chest, but his chest seems to have gotten a lot better over the past month or so. 

Their haven't been many of these recently :( I'm starting to worry that he isn't starting to crawl yet and he can't pull himself up yet either. He always has plenty of tummy time, he's always liked it and never bothered him, he can push him self up with his arms but then he gets a bit tired and buries his head into the floor. He has started to move about in his walker though, he can move backwards. Joey is a proper chatterbox, he constantly keeps saying mama and baba. 

Joey's night time sleep routine is driving me insane! He's always been so good at sleeping through the night. He may wake up during the night screaming if his gums are causing him pain. But recently he's started waking up at 5am every morning and no matter how many times I put his dummy back in he just won't go back to sleep on his own. So I started getting him in bed with us and he'd go back to sleep no problem and have at least an hour or two. I suppose I should be lucky that he isn't waking up in the very early hours, I just hope this little phase ends soon. During the day however, he seems to not need that much sleep anymore. He usually has 2 or 3 naps for about 30 minutes. 

Joey's weaning has been a great success, he loves everything I give him. He is well and truly on 3 meals a day and has 4 x 6oz bottles a day but has a sneaky 4oz before bed. He just won't go to sleep unless he has that last bottle in bed, sometimes he has gone without that bedtime bottle when he's been completely knackered. To top it off, my Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine broke so I've had to send it off and now just relying on the good old fashioned kettle. 

Well Joey is well and truly in the 6-9 months section, apart from in sleepsuits he still fits in his 3-6months, the 6-9months are way too long for him. I have found recently that the 6-9month vests that I've bought him are really tight, it won't be long until I have go up a size. As far as Joey's wardrobe goes I've tried to be a bit different and explore different designs and colours.

Joey Loves...
- Bath time: he's recently mastered the art of splashing in the bath, he's always loved his baths from when he was born.
- Tickle time: I've found out that Joey is ticklish. The back of his thighs and on his sides just make him giggle his head off. It's the cutest thing.
- making mummy do squats: this is getting increasingly harder to do the heavier he gets but I hold him in my arms and then bend down as if I'm doing squats. I make silly noises which makes his giggle and shriek.

what we love...
- Your smile is just amazing and melts my heart.
- How happy you always are, when ever we take you anywhere we always get lovely comments about how well behaved you are.
- your laugh is so cute
- your blonde locks, you've finally sprouted some hair. It was really thick and dark when you were born but it then disappeared and now it's looking very promising.

Each month that passes is simply amazing and we're all enjoying watching you grow up.

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