Monday, 23 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie - My Verdict

Fifty Shades of Grey has been in cinemas for over a week now and has quickly become the largest grossing film this year, raking in more than $410million worldwide in less than 2 weeks! The premier in London was overshadowed by domestic violence protesters and the film has had some mixed reviews. Before people jump down my throat, the sex isn't what enticed me to read the books or see the film. Their is an actual love story being told! Many people may consider the film to glamourise violence or even rape but I don't see that at all when I read the books, Christian is a mentally ill person and BDSM is his coping mechanism. His BDSM relationships have always been consensual and safe words used, once Ana was informed of his lifestyle she wanted it just as much as he did. Both characters wanted to change so they could be together and have some form of a relationship. Most of us would never think to engage in such a lifestyle like BDSM but I suppose it works for some people, so who are we to judge?

Anyway, so on to my verdict..I went to see the film on the Sunday, two days after its official release...I was more excited about seeing the film than I was about going out on the town for Valentines Day. After reading all three of the books I had some high expectations, you can see my hopes for the film here. So, I went to seem the film with my sister-in-law who had been to see it with work mates on the day it was released and she thought it was great. As we entered the foyer to the cinema I could tell that most of the people were here to see Fifty Shades, their were about 2 men in sight. As we'd pre-booked tickets online we just had to pick them up and then get a drink and some popcorn, I couldn't wait to get to our seats! We were sat right at the back so we had a great view of the screen and didn't have anybody annoying us at the back which was great. 

Here's what I didn't like...

  • The opening scene where Ana first meets Christian and falls into his office is VERY awkward, I was cringing all the way through and noticed that one of the funny interview scenes in the book was not in the film. 
  • Negotiation scene is in a completely different venue compared to the book 
  • 'Love me like you do' song used in the wrong scene. It's a love song so surely it should be in a scene where the love is being seen. Some songs can make a film what it is and putting the song into the right scene is so important, whoever edited this is an idiot. 
  • After the "ice cube" scene at Anas apartment, Christian leaves Ana to go home. In the book Ana feels so confused with her conflicted feelings of love that she cries her eyes out only for Kate to over hear and then Christian comes back and finds her crying. In the book this scene shows that their is a more human side to Christian and more caring. 
  • Ana's thoughts are just as important as dialogue, none of her thoughts that were written in the book where added. 
  • Jamie's American accent wasn't believable enough for me 
  • Everything seemed rushed and didn't flow, it was a 2 hour film and obviously you can't fit the whole book in a 2 hour time frame again I think it was down to the editing. 
  • Casting - just as I expected, Rita Ora being cast as Christians sister Mia just didn't do it for me and I also didn't like how scruffy Elliott, Christians brother was. 
  • when Christian and Ana go to his parents for dinner, Christian takes Ana to the "shed/boathouse" where they have a quick shag BUT in the book I envisioned it to be quite low ke, just a normal but rather big wooden shed. In the film I think they really over exaggerate the use of the word many sheds have a swimming pool in! 
  • Cliffhanger at the end is just annoying, if you've read all of the books you know what happens anyway  but I think it's the worst ending to a film ever regardless of if you know what happens or not. 
Here's what I loved...

  • the soundtrack is so good! Before I saw the film I liked maybe 1 or 2 songs but every song screams FIFTY SHADES, it's amazing! My favourite songs are Ellie Goudling's 'Love Me Like You Do' and 'Earned it' by The Weekend 
  • Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele is really good casting, don't get me wrong she's not an amazing actress and some of her scenes were very awkward but I think she's portrays the character just how she is in the book. 
  • the bar scene when Ana gets drunk and drunk dials Christian is so funny, one of the best comedic moments in the film. 
  • Comedy - relating to the above point...their are a few really funny moments in the film that weren't in the book but I think it's a good thing. The funny scenes take away the seriousness of the sex. 
So that's what I thought of the first Fifty Shades of Grey film, it looks like the negative overshadows the positive doesn't it? I'm not saying it's a bad film, the only way they could have made it better would to have had it 4 hours long to fit everything in but like that's going to happen. No doubt the director, producers etc will learn from this first film and the feedback they get as to how they go about the next two films. I really hope they do make the next two as their love story blossoms and would make better films than the first. I wasn't blown away by how amazing it was, maybe because some people had told me it was rubbish have made me disappointed I don't know. I know that it wasn't amazing though, but it won't stop me from seeing the other films. If anything I think I'm more excited for the next two films than the first. If you haven't seen it already and you're thinking of going then please go and see it, don't let other people's views stop you. Each person is different so not everyone is going to be fully satisfied with the overall film. 

Have you been to see Fifty Shades? I'd love to know what you think or if you agree/disagree with my views. As always I'd love for you to get intouch...


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