Thursday, 5 February 2015

Joey's first baby group

Yesterday I took Joey to his first baby group...yes I know, bad mummy. I do feel bad that I've not taken him to one sooner but here's how we got on...

I was introduced to a girl called Shelli (hi Shelli, if you're reading) through my hubby's boss at work who goes to a church playgroup not too far away. So we arranged to meet up and I'd follow her in the car to the church because I didn't have a clue how to get to it. So we get to the church for 9.45 and the local primary school kids are still having their church session but the group coordinator is happy for us to sit down and get involved for songtime. The church was freezing and I could feel Joey's legs were a bit cold aswell poor thing. But Joey was so well behaved the whole time, I think he was a bit overwhelmed with how many kids were around and just stared at people instead of smiling away like he usually does. At about 11 the session in the church finished and then it was time to go across the road to the church hall for playtime and drinks. This group gives the kids opportunity to run around play with the other kids or in Joey's case play with lots of toys. Their were quite a few mums and even grandparents their who had children around Joey's age. Hopefully the more we go the more Joey will start to like it and we get to make friends with other mummies and babies. 

I think one of the main reasons I'd put off taking Joey to a baby group is the feeling of being the new kid at school, you find that a lot of the mums have been attending the groups for years and most of the time form cliques with the other mums. I didn't really get to speak to any other mums apart from Shelli, it was the first time we'd met so it was nice to just talk amongst ourselves. Hopefully the more we go the more relaxed we will both feel. I think I might try and find an other baby or sensory group for him, somewhere he can learn and interact more. But for anyone reading this not sure or scared about going to a group, i'd say to you to definitely try one or two. Baby groups aren't for everyone but at least try before you make your mind up. 

I'd love to know your experiences with baby groups...

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