Sunday, 29 March 2015

Joey's 9 month update

My little spud is 9 month's old already...the same amount of time he was in my tummy for.

Pulling his evil face 
So this month hasn't exactly been great withs regards to Joey's health, for the past month he has had red dry patches on his arms and thighs. I took him to the doctors at the beginning of the month and Joey wasn't actually diagnosed with anything he just told us to use Aveeno moisturising cream. So off we went knowing that I wasn't completely satisfied with the doctors opinion but I stuck to using the cream and just as I expected after 2 weeks their was no difference, these patches didn't seem to be clearing up. I managed to get an appointment with our actual doctor and as soon as he'd looked at Joey's patches of dry skin he diagnosed Eczema and prescribed us with steroid cream, bath additive and lotion. After only using the lotions and potions for a few days the inflammation was clearing up, now over a week on his lotions his arms have more or less cleared up.

We went to get Joey weighed on 12th March and we were expecting him to be around the 22/23lb mark but once on the scales the health visitor told me that he has in fact lost weight and now weighs 20lb 5oz  (5oz less than last month). I wasn't immediately worried but the health visitor looked at me as if I'm starving him! Joey loves his food, he always eats his food and is a happy baby all the time. He hasn't been ill so their isn't much of a reason for him to be losing weight. The only thing the hv said was maybe because he's being a bit more active, because he's not been well or the scales he was weighed with last time are completely different. So I'll be taking him back soon to get weighed again.

Not much has changed in the food or milk department recently. I've been trying to introduce pieces of banana and apple but I don't think he's ready yet.

Joey's sleeping pattern has got better. He hasn't been waking up at 3am which is great BUT he's still sleeping in the moses basket. I did try him in his cot one night last week but he woke up in the early hours crying. So I have no idea what to do to get him to stay in his cot all night every night!!!

I can't see or feel any other teeth coming through at the moment but I know he has a lot more to come through yet.

Joey's starting to grow out of most of his 6-9month clothes and has moved onto the 9-12month section. It's soon going to be summer and hopefully it will be nice and warm like it was last year when he was born.

He is trying so hard to crawl! He's started to turn round in different directions and rolls over a lot so hopefully he'll be crawling soon.

So that's Joey's 9 month update, it's getting so scary how fast the months are going.

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