Monday, 16 March 2015

Joey's 8 month update

Joey turned 8 months in February so this update is a little late...oops!

As of the 9th February Joey weighed 20lb 10 oz and his length was 70 cm. We usually get him weighed at our Sure Start Centre towards the end of each month every 4 weeks but at the beginning of February he had an appointment with a specialist at hospital. You may remember reading that Joey has had a few chest problems for months, on new years eve we took him for an x ray so February's appointment was to discuss the results.  Anyway, so his x ray came back clear and the doctor said he just has a case of 'Happy Wheezing'

At Joey's last weigh in with the health visitor I was advised to try and reduce the amount of milk/bottles he's having. Joey loves his milk and could guzzle all day if I let him so trying to reduce his feeds has been hard. At the moment he usually has 3 x 6oz bottles during the day and 1 x 4oz bedtime bottle. His routine goes something like this...
6/7am: Joey wakes up
7/7.30: bottle
8 am: Breakfast: muesli or porridge
10am: nap
11/11.30: bottle
12pm: Lunch
2pm: nap
3pm: bottle
5.30pm: Dinner
7pm: Bedtime bottle
His routine isn't set in concrete and everything really revolves around what time he wakes up in a morning. In terms of food Joey's getting on great with solids, I've been trying to introduce finger food for ages but he just throws it on the floor. But we've had a breakthrough and he's getting the hang of finger food, I've been giving him rice cakes but he's been stuffing the whole thing in his mouth and choking.

His sleep pattern at night has been ok but it hasn't been great and that's because of his teeth coming through. He can wake up a few times during the night crying or sometimes not at all until the morning. He's completely in his own room now but he's still relying on the snugness of his moses basket inside his big cot.

Joey has 2 teeth now and boy they gave him so much pain. The teething pain never really bothers him during the day, it's just at night and that seems to be the only time we give him calpol. I've been giving him teething gel, teething granules and teethers.

  • First 2 teeth
  • rolling over
  • attempts to crawl
  • hair
So thats all really, I'm getting rather annoyed that he isn't crawling yet so hopefully that will be soon. I can't believe he's 8 months old already, time flies!

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