Monday, 23 March 2015

Mummy's going back to work!

A lot of you will probably know that last year while 3 months into my maternity leave that I was made redundant from work due to the company going into administration. As stressful as the situation was it wasn't too bad because I had another 5 months to decide whether to find a new job or stay at home with Joey.
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Those 5 months flew by and my SMP has now come to an what now??? Well I've worked since I left school at 18 and i worked my bum off throughout my pregnancy so there was no doubt that I'd be going back to work. Before I went on maternity leave I arranged to return to work when Joey was a year old, he's only 9 months old at the moment so about a month ago I edited my CV and applied for a few jobs. I wasn't prepared to be contacted so quickly by two companies, the first job I was contacted for is very similar to what I was doing at Phones 4 U. I was then invited to an assessment day and they offered me the job at the end of the day, the only problem was is that I have to do a weeks training which is 9am- 5pm. I haven't even got Joey settled in nursery yet, Chris works full time and my mother-in-law couldn't have him the whole time so because of that I was planning on declining the offer. I then got contacted by Mothercare, which out of the 2 jobs I'd applied for is the one I wanted the most. But they were only prepared to offer me a 12 hour contract which consists of 4 or 6 hour shifts and I'd have to be in store for 7.30am or finishing at 8.30pm. The finishing late doesn't bother me because Chris will have Joey at home but having to be in work so early and chris having to get Joey ready and himself and out the door by 8.30am so he can go to work is just impossible.

So I've been in a bit of a dilemma...but I had to pick the job that most fits in with childcare. Even though having a job and progressing my career is important, my son is a lot more important. It's always been important to me to have a job and be able to provide and have nice things, and i think it's important to show Joey how important it is to have a job when he grows up. So after attending the Mothercare assessment day, they offered me the job but I had to decline the offer, I would have loved to have worked with them especially since becoming a mum but at the moment it just wouldn't fit in well. So at the end of March I will be doing 4 days training for the telecommunications company who are allowing me to be flexible which is great.
Joey and I have had a great time spending time together over the past 9 months but now it's time for both of us to spread our wings. 

I'd love to find out how other parents and babies adapted to work/nursery...Please get in touch :)

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