Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My 1st Mothers Day

For the past 18 years I have never felt comfortable with celebrating Mother's Day, Ofcourse I know it is a day to celebrate mother figures in your life whether they are present or not but this particular celebration has always been difficult.

My mum died 18 years ago, I wrote a post about my life here, which goes into more detail. Every year it has always been a day that I find difficult but mothers day 2014 was the year which really changed my issue, I was around 7 months pregnant with Joey and Chris bought me a Mother's day card from the baby. I cried because it suddenly hit me that I was going to be a mum and I could now celebrate this day instead of fearing it. Fast forward a year and this year's Mother's Day I have my 8 month old to celebrate the day with.

Unfortunately, Chris was doing some overtime at work over the Mother's Day weekend so he gave me my card and gifts and had to go to work. Not exactly the lovely first Mother's Day that I had been imagining but it means more pennies for us.  So Joey and I spent most of the day together and then walked over to the mother-in-laws for lunch which was lovely and Chris joined us when he'd finished.

So Joey, Chris's mum, Chris's sister, Chris and I all had a lovely late lunch. Chris's mum is a great cook! Joey even had lunch with us at the table although he did get a bit tired before we'd finished eating. So we had a very low key Mother's day but it was perfect.

I hope all of you lovely new mummy's had a fantastic day.

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