Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Hair History

As I was watching a segment on This Morning about home hair colouring by Leo Bancroft and it got me thinking about changing my hair colour. I get bored of my hair very quickly but I've been a dark brown colour since July so Im getting really wrestless. It also got me reminiscing about all of the different hair colours/styles I've had over the years....

A lot happened in this year, a lot of changes in my life. I got married, started uni, got my first tattoo and started working at New Look. I wanted a massive change and around about the same time I think Rihanna and Cheryl Cole had died their hair red so I sort of copied them. I absolutely loved the colour so much that I kept it for over a year. Even though I kept the same colour I did have various styles. Long, short, then long with the help of extensions sewn in. I had red hair for well over a year and I loved it but it took too much effort to maintain.

2012: Blonde & Long
By the end of 2011 I died my hair back to a more neutral colour of brown. I needed to give my hair a rest from from the endless colouring. But then I got bored after about 6 months of being brown and decided to have blonde highlights. I loved having highlights, I'll definitely have them again sometime as I think golden highlights are lovely for during the summer. The above picture was taken at the beggining of April, by the end of April I had more highlights put in and was slowly going completely blonde. By June 2012 I was completely blonde and had micro bead extensions and I absolutely loved them! I would have kept them in for ages

By March 2013 I'd got bored of the blonde and it was starting to kill my hair so I went back to brown, I just couldn't keep up with getting it bleached all the time. So I was back to brown again but because the bleach had wrecked my hair I had to have a lot cut off and it was so short. I've always wanted long hair but with my type of hair even though it grows in length it always grows outward aswell. But then when its short its still really thick I can't really win either way.
Not much had changed with my hair in 2014. I found out I was pregnant in October 2013 so I couldn't dye my hair early on. But when I knew everything was safe I decided to get my hair dip dyed blonde, which was fine because it wasn't on the roots. When I had it done I loved it, I got my hairdresser to give me a bouncy blow dry which always looks good with dip dyed hair. But when I do my hair myself, I always style it straight, I can't do bouncy lovely curls so when it was straight I just didn't like the dip dye look on me.
We're now in 2015 and I haven't coloured my hair since September 2014, I just can't find the time to do it myself and the last time I had it done in a salon I didn't have a very good experience. The last time I went to the hairdressers was in February and I had quite a bit cut off but that was it.

Even though I experiment quite a lot with my hair, in truth it is an actual nightmare! As a kid I had tight blonde curls, as I started to grow my hair when I was 8 years old it started to go frizzy. As I didn't have my mum to show me how to take care of my hair it just went frizzy and very coarse. I started straightening my hair with straighteners when I was 15/16 years old and it took me hours to do because I didn't own the very expensive ghds. Anyway, during my teens I'd tried all sorts of hair straightening procedures at the hairdressers, again, costing me lots of money for nothing to work. But then my cousin who was a trained hairdresser came across a Schwartzkopf chemical straightener that was only £5 at the hairdressing supply shop. It's basically the same stuff you use to do a curly perm. It didn't make my hair poker straight but it did take the umph out of it which meant that it was so much easier to style and didn't take me hours to do. Even though it makes my hair look good it's not exactly healthy, it's probably stripping all the essential oils and one time the lotion was left on for a little bit longer that my hair broke at the root of my centre parting leaving me with a massive tuft...whoops! About 2 years ago I read about a straightening service called the 'Brazilian Blowdry' which I had done at a salon I'd only bring using very recently, I paid £100 to have it done and was given after care products and then had to return to have it set a couple of days after but it didn't do anything. The only thing it did do was make my hair extremely knotty and hard to brush. 

Aswell as trying to make my hair straighter, I've also dabbled with extensions to make it longer and more luxurious. I've had your usual clip in extensions, sewn in and micro bead extensions which have each brought their own problems. Sewn in extensions absolutely irritated the hell out of my scalp, they also weren't the same texture as my hair so they did make it hard to style myself. I can't put clip in extensions myself because they fall out or you can see the clips. I loved having micro bead extensions, at £300 they were so expensive and again they were pretty hard to style and even wash. So its safe to say I've had had a lot of different hair styles and colours over the years.

I love experimenting with my hair, Its the only part of me that I can really experiment with. I'm thinking of changing my hair colour again back to red and I'm thinking of using Vidal Sassoon 'Salonist', I've heard some great things about it. I'll probably dye my hair this week and do a post about it or maybe even a vlog!

Thanks for reading

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