Friday, 27 March 2015

Tips for buying your first pram

It's been about a year now since we picked and ordered Joey's pram for his arrival in June 2014. We waited until we knew the sex of the baby first before we chose anything. I had been looking briefly online but their are so many prams on the market that I did get a little overwhelmed but this is what we were mainly looking for...
- travel system
- 4 wheels
- blue
- Fits in car boot
- good reviews

We chose the Mothercare Xpedior travelsystem, even though its a good pram i'm not excited about it after using it a number of times. You can find my review of our Xpedior here. If this is a pram for your first child then their is a few things that you just won't think about or take into consideration, I know because I now feel disappointed in the choice that we made. You get a general idea of what you're looking for but we don't always take all practicalities into consideration do we? 

Kurbs - One main thing I didn't take into consideration when pram shopping was the different terrain and Kurbs we'd come across when out and about.  When you're in the shop pushing the pram around most of us will think "it feels smooth and light" Ofcourse it's going to feel smooth, you're  pushing it along a carpet! You don't try it out outside where the terrain Is rough and then you come across Kurbs. With the Xpedior when I get to the end of a road and go up a kurb I have to stop, put my foot on the bar at the bottom of the pram and then lift the front up. I can't just put pressure on the handle and expect the front of the pram to easily mount the kurb like I know some prams do.

The look - Take a good look at every angle of the pram and ask yourself "does this look good?". Don't get me wrong, the look of a pram doesn't always mean it's a great pram but you want to be confident that for your budget it looks good aswell. The Xpedior unfortunately isn't a good looking pram, because the main seat converts from carrycot to toddler seat from the back it doesn't look smart.

Budget - Prams are really expensive, I never realised how much until I started looking. Our budget was around £300 and at the time of looking for our pram their wasn't much choice unless you spent more. If you want to invest in a pram that you're going to love using and could potentially save for a second child then it might be worth having a bigger budget of say £600. Even if you couldn't afford to pay the money all up front I believe that a few stores do offer payment plans, we took advantage of a payment plan at Mothercare. 

Recently I have been using the pram with the main seat a lot more and I have come across a few problems; 
Break - when I've applied the break to the pram and then try and take it off it keeps sticking. I try to flick it up with my foot but most of the time I have to use my hand to lift the break which is getting increasingly annoying. 
Handlebars - the adjustable handlebars have recently started to stick, I can pull the handlebar up but not lower it. At just over 5ft I need the handles to be quite short after my hubby has been pushing the pram. 
Seat - I have quite a few niggles with the seat; the harness straps are really fiddly and takes about 5 minutes to strap Joey in, compared the other pram harnesses I've used the Xpediors just gets on my nerves and if you're in a rush becomes increasingly frustrating. The footmuff that comes with the Xpedior zips onto a seat cover where you have to thread the seat straps through. The material that they have used is so light that it just doesn't stay in position so when you pull baby out of the pram the seat cover comes with. 

So, as you can see I haven't exactly had a great relationship with our pram for Joey. If I was picking Joey's pram all over again knowing what I know now I don't think I would have gone for the pram we chose...that's why we have a second hand Silvercross Surf which has been used a lot more than the Xpedior. What my advice would be is to have a sit down and thing about the most important things you need in a pram. Write them down if need be and take them with you when going to look and try out. 

I hope you've found this post helpful. If you have any tips feel free to put them in a comment below. 

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