Saturday, 21 March 2015

Weekend Baby Style #9

Joey hasn't done a #weekendbabystyle post in quite a few weeks, life has been  hectic at the moment and a lot of his clothes you've already seen before.

Stupidly I didn't get a picture of Joey wearing the following outfit...gutted! But I went shopping last weekand bought him this cute Tigger outfit.

Top & bottom: George at Asda 

This matching set is £10 from asda, I love how light the colours are now we're coming out of winter. When I dressed Joey yesterday I put him in the Tigger top but then chose his jeggings instead of the chinos that cane with the set. The only reason I didn't put the matching trousers on him is just because they're too long for him just yet.

The weather has been lovely today so I wanted Joey to wear something summery and bright.

Top: H&M full length bodysuit
Leggings: Fred & Noah
Socks: George at Asda

Ages ago I bought a few basic bodysuits from H&M for Joey, they are so handy. I think the stripes go quite well with the pattern of the leggings. The leggings you've all seen before, Joey loves his Fred & Noah leggings and i think the yellow kangaroos are a really summery pattern.

Hopefully if we're not too busy we'll do another weekend baby style post. Don't forget to link up

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  1. What a cute set! George has some lovely bits and bobs in at the moment. I often find that with sets sometimes one part fits before the other! Yaaaay for Fred & Noah. I think the Kangaroo ones are one of my faves. Hope you have a lovely weekend petal and next week isn't too hectic for you! Thanks for linking up :) xx #weekendbabystyle