Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Joey's 10 months old

Joey is now in double figures and is 10 months old...2 months away from the big ONE.

This month it seems as though Joey has changed quite a lot. He seems taller and more gorgeous everyday. He rolls over at every opportunity aswell, which makes nappy changing rather difficult. He also keeps lunging out of his rocker which gives me a mini heart attack. He's also discovered his man parts and keeps tugging on it, it's quite funny and i keep telling him he'll pull it off.

I took him to get weighed on 9th April and he was 20lb 13oz which is good considering he'd lost weight the last time. His eczema has cleared up a lot after using his creams for a couple of weeks .

Not much has changed in his feeding apart from I've dropped Joey's nighttime bottle.  The only reason I had to stop his night feed is because he's been waking up in the morning wet because his nappy has leaked through.

He's finally sleeping in his cot ! I thought the day would never come but he's been in his cotbed for about 3 weeks now. I keep thinking that if i say outloud how good he's been sleeping that I'll jinx it and he'll want to go back to his moses. He's been sleeping through the night aswell, apart from twice when he woke me up at 4 am because he had wet himself and turned himself over. His sleeping has been really good though. He has 2 naps during the day which are about 30mins long.

His top two teeth are coming through at the moment, he hasn't been too bad just a few moany episodes here and there.

The weather is getting a lot warmer now so we've made a start of dressing him in summery clothes. Joey has lived in long sleeve tops all winter so it's nice to see his arms out in short sleeve tshirts. It won't be long though until he'll be in the 12+ size clothes.

He loves...
- eating mummy's phone
- pressing buttons on the TV remote
- tipping point
- ice cream
- rolling over
- banging his walker against the door
- brushing his teeth

Eventhough Joey isn't walking yet he is such an active baby. Hopefully next month he'll be crawling but I know how destructive he'll be once he can get around more easier. I love seeing him change all the time.

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