Sunday, 19 April 2015

Joey's 1st Birthday gift ideas

My little man is going to be a whole year old soon, the time has gone so quick I can't believe it's nearly a whole year since he was born.
So I have an idea of what to get him...

1) Photoshoot - Back when i was pregnant with Joey I did a makeover photoshoot and did lots of bump photos. Now that Joey's here I've been meaning to take him for a Photoshoot as Joey is quite a photogenic baby. A good friend of mine from uni has her own photography studio so I think I'll book her to do it. I've seen lots of ideas of a cake smash shoot which is cute but I think the messiness of it would kill me. So maybe just a normal Photoshoot.
2) Keepsake cuddly toy - I'm a big fan of personalised things and ive been wanting to get Joey a keepsake toy made with some of his newborn clothes. I've found a lady in my area who does various types/animals at about £25. It won't be something that he'll be able to play with as it's handmade but it's something creative to do with his favourite baby clothes. I bought him his Boco Baby blanket which he loves but when he gets too old for a blanket ill get it made into a pillow.

3) Smart Trike - I've seen these out and about quite a lot recently and think they're a great alternative to taking the pram out and are like a bike. They are suitable from when baby is 10 months up until they are toddlers.

4) Everton football kit - Joey's middle name is Goodison so he has to get some thing Everton related for his birthday. He has a few Everton bits already but we've been meaning to get him a proper kit for ages.

5) Personalised toy basket - our front room is so cluttered with Joey's toys and we have no where put them at the moment. I really wanted to get him a toy chest but it wouldn't fit in his room at the moment so when I saw this one from My 1st Years I thought it was brilliant.

6) Fisher Price Newborn to toddler portable rocker - Joey has had his Fisher Price bouncer since he was born and has used it every day but it's not getting too small for him and needs something bigger. Someone had recommended this as her baby had got too big for his old bouncer. So I'd say this is the most important present because he uses his chair everyday.

So those are the main gift ideas, I'm sure we'll get him more and he'll probably be spoiled by other friends and family as well. We're thinking of having a small party for him because his birthday will be on a weekend. I'm so excited about him turning one!
If you have any 1st birthday gift ideas feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading

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