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Life after giving birth: Our 2 weeks of baby bliss

As the lead up to Joey's arrival got shorter I remember thinking "What happens once we're home?". Joey was 8 days overdue and I had to be induced unexpectedly so there wasn't much time to think about bringing him home and what to expect over the next week or so. You can read my birth story here. So I thought it might be a good idea to explain what happens over those first weeks for any new or expectant mums...

19th June:
Joey was born the 19th June at 9.25pm. He weighed 8lb 2oz and cried all night long.

20th June: discharge day
Before we got discharged from hospital the consultants do a routine check of the baby and also a hearing test. On the ward all new mums are given a red book which is used to document babys health, weight and any other tests.The hearing test was a nightmare, the little earbuds wouldn't stay in Joey's ears long enough for them to get a reading so they told us to make an appointment at our gp in the next week or so to get it done. We had to wait ages to get discharged because the nurses were waiting on Joey's blood results to come back but we were finally discharged at about 4pm the day after he was born . I was exhausted and wanted to go home and sleep but I knew Chris's mum would want to see Joey so we called round so she could have a cuddle. We finally got home at about 6pm and that's where all the hard work started. I took myself and Joey up to bed not knowing what to do, I tried going to sleep but Joey had other ideas and cried most of the time and then there was the battle of the breastfeeding.

21st June: First health visitor check
A health visitor usually visits you at home once you have left hospital. The day after we were discharged I knew to expect the health visitor and it was quite nice to see that it was the same midwife I'd seen at my last appointment on the day Joey was born. The aim of the visit is to check baby over, weigh and heel prick test and writes the results in babys red health book. She also checked me over by pressing my stomach to see if my uterus (I think) had retracted, checked my stitches, piles and asking about how feeding was going.

24th June: 2nd health visitor
My midwife came out again to do the same checks as last time on Joey and myself. Joey was weighed at 8lb 6oz.

25th June: hearing test
We had an appointment to go to our local gp and have Joey's hearing test done again. Thankfully they managed to get a reading and all was fine with his hearing 

30th June: Registering
You have around 60 days after baby's birth to register them. Your baby has to be registered within the district of the hospital they were born. The registry office we had to go to isn't near where we live and we had to wait over a week from when we booked the appointment. Make sure that you are 100% certain of your baby's name before you go to your appointment. Chris wanted Joey to have 'Goodison' as one of his middle names and I wanted 'Grattan' (my dad's name). Leading up to his arrival we argued about which middle name went first and then we never brought the subject up before we went to register but he ended up deciding on Joseph Grattan Goodison Varley which is what I wanted. I just hope Joey actually grows up to be an everton supporter and not Man Utd or LFC.

1st July: 3rd health visitor check
This was going to be the last time that the midwife would come out to visit us, we were being signed over to our local health team. Joey now weighed 9lb 3oz and his unbiblical stump had fallen off aswell. The  midwife advise me to take Joey to get weighed at our local well baby clinic at least once a month.
So that's a rundown of all the important stuff that happens once you're at home with your new arrival. As I'm a first time mum I just took everyday as it came and didn't make too many plans. Those 2 weeks that you have as a family before dad goes back to work are precious, so don't feel like you have to go out and see people, make them come to you.

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