Monday, 13 April 2015

Netflix Stream Team: April

As you might have read I have recently become a part of the Netflix Stream Team, If you don't know what I'm talking about take a look at my #StreamTeam announcement. So every month I'll be recieving newsletters from Netflix about all the latest shows to watch and it's my job to make sure you all know about it. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
I'd heard a lot about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt being a really funny new US TV show written by Tina Fey (Mean Girls). This series has been described as the first of It's kind and I can see why, Kimmy played by Ellie Kemper (Bridesmaids) is a woman who is rescued from a doomsday cult/underground bunker and starts life over as a nanny for a socialite (Jane Krakowski from "30 Rock") in New York City. Armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers and a couple of past-due library books, she takes on a world she didn't think even existed anymore. I've watched quite a few episodes now and I am hooked, I thought I'd watch the first episode and not be keen on it but I can't help but want to join Kimmy on her journey. The first season is available to watch exclusively on Netflix so check it out.

 Another new US show exclusive to Netflix, "Marvel's Daredevil" is a live action series that follows the journey of attorney Matt Murdock, who in a tragic accident was blinded as a boy but gifted with extraordinary senses. Murdock sets up practice in his old neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, New York where he now fights against injustice as a respected lawyer by day and masked vigilante at night. I loved the film version of Daredevil played by Ben Affleck so was really keen to see how Netflix portrayed the story. I've only watched one episode and it is very dark and intense...completely different setting to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Even though I've only watched the one episode, I can't wait to watch the rest and find out whether their is a different storyline every episode.

House of Cards 

I've some great things about House of Cards, everyone seems to be watching it so I think I'll try out the first episode. "Betrayed by the White House, Congressman Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) embarks on a ruthless rise to power. Blackmail, seduction and ambition are his weapons." This sounds like a great plot and with it being another Netflix original I don't think you can go wrong.

Other new releases:
I've included something to watch for all the family so their shouldn't be anyone bored over the Easter holidays. I'd love to know what you are enjoying on Netflix at the moment.

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