Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sassy Bloom box Products

As you may have seen, last month Joey recieved his first Sassy Bloom Box. We filmed us unboxing it which you can see here but I thought it now would be good to do a review of the items that we recieved in that first box now that he's used them. I would have loved to have done a vlog for this but I just don't have time at the moment.

Rattle Toy - As soon as we took this out of the box Joey was mesmerised by it. It's nice and colourful and has a rattle inside so he loves to make a noise with it.

Nuby Grip and Sip - RRP £2.99 Joey has quite a few beakers but he hates them so I really wasn't expecting him to take to this one but we use it every day for his meal time drinks or when he has hiccups. He's not managed to hold it by himself yet but it's definitely no spill which is great. 

Socks on - RRP £6.00 -  I'd been wanting to buy a pair of these for Joey for ages, he hates wearing socks and is a nightmare always pulling them off and then eating his socks. So when we received a pair of Socks on in his Sassy Bloom I thought my prayers had been answered...oh no. He had them on for a whole day and all he tried to do was get them off. He didn't manage to completely get them off but he did manage to unhook one of them. So I don't know whether I'd invest in another pair. 

Baby Dan Fingersafe – RRP £2.99 - Joey isn't crawling yet so we haven't had to baby proof the doors yet but I know these will be really helpful once he does start crawling/walking.

Organix Multigrain Mini Cereal Puffs 7+ – RRP 80P - for breakfast Joey usually has baby Multi grain or muesli with fruit in it so I was a bit curious to see if he would like this.  He was a bit unsure at first as it is a different consistency to what he's used to and it is plain. He ate it all but I probably wouldn't go out and buy it. 

Munchkin Wonder Waterway – RRP £5.99- Joey loves bathtime, when he doesn't have any toys in the bath he just splashes about and causes a bit of a mess. So bath toys are very important to keep him occupied and happy. This Munchkin toy separates into 4 different characters and each piece passes water through differently which fascinates Joey. He loves this and gets loads of fun with it. 

Gumigem Miller Pendant – RRP £12.95- to be honest I haven't actually used this yet, I put it down and now can't find it. This pendant is attached to a piece of string for mum or dad to wear and then baby bites the teether if they're feeling discomfort when teething.Eveb though i havent used this product i think Joey will like it because recently Joey has started tugging on a necklace that I wear. So I'm hoping/guessing that once I have this pendant round my neck he'll love to put it in his mouth like he does with everything else. 

Hello Fresh £25 voucher - as soon as I took this out of the box I knew I probably wouldn't be using it. I had a look at the website and they create a box of ingredients for you to make a healthy family meal. I'm not saying I won't use it, it might be good to just try it.

So that's everything. I was really happy with our first box and I hope to buy more in the future.

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