Friday, 1 May 2015

How to dress your newborn baby

While I waited for Joey's arrival I sorted out all of his clothes into his wardrobe and packed his hospital bag. Looking back at what we dressed Joey in when he was born makes me cringe a little bit, I had no clue how to dress a newborn and i didn't find much inspiration via the Internet. I think what our problem was is that we prepared for him to be a big baby, at least 9lb is what we were told at my scans and midwives appointment.
So after Joey was born and we'd had our skin to skin cuddles it was time to get him dressed and even though I'd packed a load of stuff in various sizes he came out a lot smaller than we expected. So we put him in a blue 'Born in 2014' vest, blue stripey sleepsuit and white scratch mittens. I was too exhausted to pay any attention to what Chris was pulling out of the bag.  Nothing went together and it just looks terrible. We did have plain/neutral sets but they were too big for him. I don't even think we had a hat for him. It was June and was really hot so I didn't see the need.

Depending on the weather, this is how you should dress a newborn
- Vest
- Sleepsuit
- Hat
- Scratch mittens 

If it's really warm weather then during the day your baby might not need the sleepsuit layer, when Joey was a newborn we just dressed him in a vest.
So here are a few ideas on what to buy to dress your newborn in...
Starter sets - baby shops and supermarkets sell starter sets that are really handy. These sets are great because they usually include everything you need to dress baby for the first time. This George at ASDA  set is great because it includes 7 items that you'll definitely need and it's a great price aswell. I'd maybe buy two sets in the first 2 sizes. 

Socks - If you're buying socks for your baby buy plain socks. I made the mistake of getting patterned/striped socks that didn't go with any outfits.
Nappies - Pack a variety of different sized nappies in your maternity bag. Maybe even buy a pack of micro nappies just to be on the safe side. 

Every parent is different when it comes to choosing the first outfit your baby will wear. Some like to go neutral/plain and others will opt for bright/bold colours and patterns. Their is no right or wrong way to dress your baby so this post is just an idea. I wish I had put him in more neutral colours without the bold colours. 

I hope this post has been helpful to some of you. If you have any tips on how to dress a newborn feel free to comment below.


  1. Aww I miss dressing a newborn so much! All the tiny vests and babygrows, just bought Osian some baby gorws in size 18-24 months and there huge, especially compared to the newborn size at the front of the rack! xx

    1. I know, Joey was never proper tiny but compared to how big he is now it s strange to think that he was once small.

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