Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Joey's 11 month update

On 19th May Joey turned 11 months old and had his birthday photoshoot (sorry this post is late) which means only a month until his big birthday!
This month has been very busy for us as a family; it's been mine and Chris's birthday, 2 bank holiday weekends and Joey had his 10 - 12month development check which all went well. At the end of the development check, their was just a routine health check where they weighed and measured his height and head circumference. He weighed 20lb 8oz , so yet again Joey has lost weight again, height was 73cm (2ft 4.7inches) and head circumference 46cm from his other measurements he's actually in proportion. So the health visitor told me not to worry and take him back in 6 weeks time.

This month has also seen the appearance of Joey's 3rd and 4th teeth. They've been giving him a bit of discomfort but he's dealing with it pretty well. I can see a 5th tooth coming through aswell.

Joey's sleep pattern has been a bit all over the place recently. He goes to sleep no problem but some nights he'll wake up once during the night and then wake up super early at 6am! Like last night he woke up at 12.30am crying, tried putting him back in his own cot but started crying again so got him in bed with us until he drifted off and then back in his own bed.

He's still on 3 x 6oz bottles of formula during the day and then 2 or 3oz at bedtime. Food wise he has porridge in a morning and then plenty of snack in between meals. Finger food is still a bit hit and miss because he keeps putting a whole rice cake for example in his mouth and then I have to fish it out before he starts choking.

Their has been such an improvement in Joey's skin, all of his red blotches have cleared up which is great! We're still using all of the lotions and potions prescribed by the doctor. I've started using Childs Farm hair & body wash which is suitable for eczema prone skin. 

He is very nearly crawling, when we put toys in front of him he gets really determined to get whatever it is in front of him. Another thing he has started doing when he is sat down is trying to get up, he gets his bum in the air and tries to pull his self up but not quite. He has also started to shake his head when we say no or ask him a question, it's so funny and cute!

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