Sunday, 24 May 2015

Joey's 1st Birthday photoshoot

On Tuesday, Joey was a model in his very own photoshoot! An old friend of mine from uni has her own photography studio in Droylsden, Manchester and we've been meaning to get some professional photos of Joey done for ages. So with Joey's 1st birthday a month away we thought it was the perfect time to do a Photoshoot.

Sophie is a great photographer and had some really cool ideas for the shoot, he was going to do a cake smash so we left that until the end so he didn't dirty any clothes. I took 2 outfits for Joey that he hadn't worn yet so I picked a Ralph Lauren shirt that my friend Daisy had bought for him with a pair of chinos. The 2nd outfit was from H&M, a nautical t-shirt and a navy pair of shorts. 

The first scene that we shot was with Joey in his Ralph Lauren shirt sat/lay on a sheepskin rug.

The second was with Joey in his nautical outfit, he always rocks a nautical theme!

The third scene was with Joey in his nappy and we used Joey's blanket from Boco Baby and his knitted crown from River 20 Four as props. 

And finally it was time for the Cake smash! He wasn't too sure about the cake and was holding back a bit, more interested in the balloons and the confetti. But in the end he managed to pick up a big chunk of cake and eat it.

I know I'm biased but Joey is absolutely gorgeous 24/7 and these pictures just show how photogenic he is. I'm so glad we decided to get a Photoshoot done now instead of a newborn shoot. If you're in the North West then I highly recommend visiting Sophie at Photograph Art Studio 25. Her work is excellent, great with kids, pets and people.

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  1. Aww he really is gorgeous! He looks so cute, I love baby boys in smart shirts! We also had a 1st birthday photoshoot for Lizzy although it was a simple one without props, and we also got a couple of family photos.