Monday, 4 May 2015

LifeCake App

I love taking pictures of Joey, on my phone I have a dedicated album which has more than 2000 photos of him. Sometimes I'll look at a photo and can't tell how old he was and I love to reminisce about how small he was.
A few months ago I came across an app on my phone called Lifecake which allows you to store favourite pictures in chronological order. It dates the photo and gives the age of the child which I think is a great idea. Gone were the times of when parents had to write the age or location on the back of the photograph, we now rely on phone or computer storage to store all of our memories.
It's so easy to use and best of all its a free app! The app orders the photo automatically by the date it was taken so you don't need to remember the date yourself. If you haven't used Lifecake already I'd give it a try.
Do you use any really good photo storing apps?

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