Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Netflix Stream Team: May

Another month means another load of shows and films to watch on Netflix. Since last month's post Netflix very kindly sent me an Apple TV which makes it so easy for me to enjoy Netflix in the comfort of my bedroom when putting Joey to bed.

I've also finished Season 1 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I absolutely loved it and I really hope their will be a Season 2! I then watched the first 2 episodes of Marvel's Daredevil which is great but quite dark. This month, Netflix's theme is "Family is what you make it". So we're embracing all of the weird and wonderful families we watch on the big screen.

So what's new this month?

Grace & Frankie
A Netflix original series which shows "Grace and Frankie’s husbands leave them after 20 years of marriage—to be with each other—the women find themselves facing a change that they never expected, but they shift their perspective to get through it together with the support of their new blended family and, of course, a sense of humour". I've seen the trailers for this and It looks really funny and it comes from one of the co-creaters of Friends so it's bound to be a great comedy.

Other dysfunctional families...
The Royle Family
If you're reading this and are from the UK then you should have heard of the Royle Family. Jim Royle is the head of the family and shows how dysfunctional and funny the family are.

Freaky Friday
A 2003 film starring Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis a mother and daughter switch bodies with hilarious results.

Spy Kids
Another great family film is Spy Kids, I loved this film as a kid and always wanted to be a spy. Children Carmen and Juni need to rescue their secret agent parents (Antonio Banderas & Carla Gugino) from bad guy Alexander Minion.

Another childhood favourite of mine, Netflix has The Rugrats Movie and Season 3 so a great option for those smaller kids. Follow Tommy Pickles and friends on their baby adventure.

What are you enjoying on Netflix at the moment?

Thanks for reading

* As part of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given 12 months subscription and an Apple TV in return for writing regular posts about the service. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own

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