Saturday, 2 May 2015

Weekend Baby Style #11

We're back again with this week's #weekendbabystyle. This week has been mainly quite and a few lazy days for us.

As it was nice and sunny I put together a summery outfit for Joey.
Hat: George at Asda
Top: Primark
Leggings: Fred & Noah
Whenever it's sunny I always love to put Joey in his yellow kangaroo leggings, they remind me of summer. The tshirt is from Primark, we bought a few tshirts a few months ago. They were a bargain at £1.30 each and this one says "Scuba Dude".

I went to have a pre birthday pamper at my favourite beauty salon and Joey went to his nan's.

Top: George at Asda
Trousers: F&F Tesco
I got the Tigger top from Asda a few weeks ago, I love buying Disney character Clothes for Joey, he's had loads of Tigger stuff. Friday was quite chilly so the longer sleeve and hood come in handy. I love his little combat pants aswell, I got these from Tesco in February and thought they were really cute and different to the leggings he usually wears. Why they bother to put pockets in baby clothes throws me.

My birthday and the three of us are going out for a meal. Apologies for not having a full length photo of him, we were very rushed.
Top: George at Asda
Leggings: F&F Tesco
I had originally planned to put Joey in his new Fred & Noah leggings but daddy came home with the jumper that says "Happy" on it so I dressed him in that. I paired it with his leggings from Tesco which are quite small on him now.

So that's this week's #weekendbabystyle done and dusted. I've ordered a load of stuff from H&M so I may try and do a vlog. Don't forget to link up with Knott Bump & Us!
The Knott Bump & Us

See you for next week's #weekendbabystyle


  1. Such cute photos, lovely outfits :) I love the Fred & Noah leggings, they remind me of summer too, the tops lovely too, I wish we had a Primark near me. I love his jumpers in the other two photos xxx

  2. gorgeous outfits for a gorgeous boy! Especially loving the Joey leggings - so cute!!

  3. Such a cutie! And the kangaroo leggings are so cool :) #weekendbabystyle


  4. Ahhh I love the Fred & Noah leggings. I think those are my favourite ones in their collection. That Primark tee is fab too. Primark do some really great little printed tees at super amazing prices. I love that Happy jumper too! It's so cool. I love things with a random word on them :) Happy birthday to you!! Hope you had a lovely day. Thanks so much for linking up with us xx #weekendbabystyle