Saturday, 9 May 2015

Weekend Baby Style #12

Last weekend was May Bank holiday weekend, my birthday on the Saturday and then we went to Southport for the day on Monday. I've also spoilt Joey with lots of clothes and treats which I plan to do a vlog for. So we've had an action packed week really.

Compared to Saturday and Sunday the weather was brilliant so we decided to have a day out to Southport.
Cardigan: Ralph Lauren
Vest: H&M
Leggings: Fred & Noah
Blanket: Boco Baby
It was all a bit stressful on Monday, we'd been in the car for nearly 2 hours so I didn't manage to get a proper photo in his full outfit. But he did look super cute!

Joey had his 10month development check and the weather was a little cooler so we went for something long sleeved.
Top: F&F Tesco
Leggings: Fred & Noah

Voting day! We had a few things to do during the day so a comfy outfit was needed. 
Top: H&M
Leggings: Fred & Noah
I completely forgot that Joey had had his elephant leggings on once already this week but he loves them and they were clean so who cares. Unfortunately the elephant leggings have been discontinued :(

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  1. He is adorable and how cute are those elephant leggings?! #weekendbabystyle


  2. I hope you had a great birthday. His outfits were gorgeous this week and those elephant leggings sure are cute #weekendbabystyle K x

    1. Had a good day thanks...apart from the shit weather. I love his elephant leggings too x

  3. I keep seeing kids with those elephant leggings on and thinking how cute they are every time! shame they've been discontinued. Your little man is gorgeous :) x

    Abigail Bryony |

    1. Thanks lovely! They still have the pink elephants for girls but I'm guessing they might get discontinued soon so grab them while you can x

  4. Happy birthday to you! Hope you had a great day :) I love seeing Joey's outfits and he always looks so happy. What a cutie. Loving the striped hoody. It looks super comfy and stylish at the same time. That H&M top is fab too. I love all the Black and White tops they do in there. Thanks so much for linking up with us. Hope you've had a great weekend! xx #weekendbabystyle