Monday, 29 June 2015

What's in Joey's changing bag #itsinthebagbaby

Being a mum to a baby, I can't leave home without a well stocked changing bag. If we go out and I've accidently forgotten something It always annoys me. I thought it might be useful to show you our changing bag essentials.
Joey's changing bag is from Pink Lining and is the Yummy Mummy blue bows bag (RRP £79). I wanted a Pink Lining bag because they have some really good designs and I didn't want anything plain. They are really handy aswell and you can fit everything you need into them with help from the handy hidden pockets. All Pink lining changing bags come with a changing matt and wet zip bag which is brilliant.

Depending on what the plan is for the day then sometimes I don't need some items but these are the essentials we rely on the most. 
- Nappies: Obvs nappies are always in the bag, 4 nappies seems to be the most you can fit in the nappy sections. We never seem to need anymore than 4.
- Baby Wipes:  I always buy Sensitive baby wipes that come with the plastic lid so they stay fresher.  Wipes that just have the sticky strip always seem to go dry quicker. I always buy mine from Asda or Aldi.
- Nappy Bags: a must if your out and about and not near a baby change are scented nappy bags. Handy also for putting any dirty bowls or cutlery after lunchtime.
- Nappy Cream: always have 2 tubes of nappy cream, 1 for his changing bag and 1 for at home
- Suncream: If its a sunny day then sun cream is a must.
- Teething Gel: Joey has 6 teeth (nearly 7) so we never go anywhere without it. We tend to always go for baby bonjela.
-  Calpol: I tend not to need to give him any during the day but it's always in the bag just incase.
- Anti-bacterial hand gel: even before I had Joey this has always been in my bag
- Bib: Joey is a messy eater AND milk drinker so having a bib is always necessary
- Spare clothes: I've sometimes made the mistake of not having a spare change of clothes for Joey and then he has an accident.
- Tommee Tippee Bottle and Cow & Gate milk: Always have a bottle and milk in his changing bag that we never really take out.
- Food: If i know we're going to be out for lunch I always put a jar of food or Ella's Kitchen pouch in.
- Yoghurt and spoon: Joey loves his yoghurt as a snack.
-  Joeys changing bag doubles as mummy's handbag so it always has my purse, phone, deodorant, Lip balm & sunglasses.

This post is my entry to the Pink Lining Brand Ambassador search, you can read more about it here. It would be amazing if we were chosen as I absolutely love my Pink Lining changing bag. We've used it every day for a year so it's looking a little tired now and I'd love to get something a little smaller.
What could you not live without in your changing bag?
Wish me luck

Friday, 26 June 2015

Weekend Baby Style #16

Last week we didn't get involved with the #weekendbabystyle linky as it was Joey's birthday weekend and everything was just hectic. So this week's post will be overloaded with outfits!

Joey got 2 pairs of leggings and a bib from Fred & Noah for his birthday so I couldn't wait for him to wear them.
Bib: Fred & Noah
Top: H&M
Leggings: Fred & Noah
Fred & Noah have recently started to make matching dribble bibs so I couldn't resist ordering the set. The cloud pattern stands out really well, I think this is my favourite F&N pattern. I teamed it with a plain white long sleeve top, which is actually size 6-9 month but amazingly still feels him.

Another day means another pair of new Fred & Noah leggings.
Cardigan: Ralph Lauren 
Top: Matalan
Leggings: Fred & Noah
Shoes: Nike
I fell in love with the beetle leggings weeks ago, these were the second pair he got for his birthday. Teamed with his lovely Ralph Lauren cardigan, I thought the dark blue went well. The best thing about the outfit though is his shoes...Nike Air Force 1 crib shoes. How cute are they!

On Tuesday the sun was shining so it gave him chance to wear one of his summery romper suits.
Romper suit: George at Asda
I'm a big fan of character clothes for babies so when I saw this in ASDA I thought Joey would look lovely in it. Technically this was present from his Uncle Daz who gave him an ASDA gift card for his birthday. He also got another Disney romper suit with Mickey Mouse on.

We had a quiet day and had a walk to the shop. It was lovely and warm so I went for a t-shirt and shorts combo.
Top: Peacocks
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Nike
This "Hello Ladies" top has already made an appearance on a previous weekendbabystyle have the shorts but not together. I absolutely love these shorts because you can put any colour top with them. The shoes I'm obsessed with, I think he looks like a grown up.

That's it for this week's #weekendbabystyle. I'm also joining in with Trendy Tot Thursday by Clearly Bex. Don't forget to join in with both linkys.

Have a great weekend

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sudocrem Care & Protect*: Keeping your baby's bum happy

Changing nappies is probably not the most exciting or lovely aspects of being a patent, but making sure you care for your babies bum should always be important.

Joey is 12 months old now and he hasn't had any nappy rash so far (touch wood). The first thing I realised after having Joey is that keeping him clean and dry is really important. So i'm always forever doing the sniff tests and prodding to see how full the nappy is, as soon as I know he's done a poo I'll get him changed straight away. Whenever I change Joey's nappy I'm always very organised and have nappy, wipes, nappy cream and sometimes kitchen roll (if it's a messy one) laid out so I can get the job done as quickly as possible.

I've mostly used a supermarkets own brand of nappy cream and never had any problems. I have used the other more expensive brands but only if I'd had a sample from our bounty packs.  Recently we were sent a sample of Sudocrem Care & Protect cream which is a nappy rash ointment that is designed specifically for babies - that offers triple protection against nappy rash at every nappy change:
1. Creating a protective barrier that seals in the skin’s natural moisture and protects even the most delicate skin against external irritants.
2. Conditioning the skin - Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 helps to protect the skin and keep it soft, healthy and moisturised.
3. Guarding against infection - As well as sealing in the good stuff, Sudocrem Care & Protect acts as a barrier to protect delicate skin from the bad stuff, like the chemicals in urine and poo, and from chafing and rubbing.

I've personally used Sudocrem for years on my face because of my acne and i'm sure most of you use Sudocrem after baby has starting getting nappy rash. The good thing about Care & Protect, if used at every nappy change is to try and prevent nappy rash appearing. It also comes in a handy tube that is 1 hand friendly. The Care & Protect cream is a different consistency to normal Sudocrem, it's lighter and more runny. When I used Care & Protect for the first time it shocked me at how runny it was but it does have a nice smell to it.
Left: Normal Sudocrem | Right: Care & Protect 
Sudocrem Care & Protect is available from a wide range of stockists and comes in two sizes 30g and 100g. Depending on what size you go for you should expect to pay between £3-£10. It seems to be a great product but seeing as though we've never had any problems with Joey's previous nappy cream I don't think I would switch to Care & Protect. The £10 price tag for the 100g tube seems a bit excessive compared the the £1 we've been spending on his usual nappy cream. If you're a first time mum and worried about your baby getting nappy rash then I'd definitely give it a go. 

Thanks for reading

* We were sent Sudocrem Care & Protect to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Joey's 1st birthday Celebrations

I can't believe Joey is now a year old. On his birthday I found myself thinking back to what was happening last year at different times of the day.
The whole weekend was pretty much jam packed full. We had planned to just have one very low key party but for some reason we planned to have 2 small parties on Friday and Saturday. His birthday was actually on the Friday so we got him up and gave him his breakfast and then it was time to open the presents!
We decorated our dining room and pushed the table against the wall for all the buffet food. We decorated Joey's highchair aswell for him. It's such a shame that it rained all day Friday so we couldn't sit outside. But we had a great time and I'm sure Joey enjoyed watching mummy and daddy making fools of themselves dancing. On the Saturday we were meant to have more people coming round, a few of them didn't turn up so we had loads of food to spare. Joey quite liked the party food, especially the sausage rolls.

On Saturday night Joey slept over at his nans as the hubby and I were going to see Kylie Minogue at Haydock Park Racecourse. Sunday was very quiet for us, I picked Joey up and then we just chilled all day and sorted Joey's presents out. He got spoilt rotten from not just us but all of our friends and family.

I still can't believe we have a 1 year old. We all had a great Weekend and I can't wait to celebrate all of his future birthdays.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Baby modelling

Not long after Joey was born, Chris and I discussed the possibility of signing Joey up to a modelling agency. I did get intouch with an agency ages ago but we just never bothered in persueing anything. Now that Joey is older though he does love the camera and always takes a good picture so we decided to research a few agencies.
After we saw the amazing results of his 1st birthday photoshoot we knew that Joey would be great and feel comfortable in a studio. It wasn't until I was watching This Morning a few weeks back when they had a baby face competition that I felt strongly about looking into signing him up with an agency. So I came across a local model and casting agency called Euro Kids Agency so I submitted an online application for Joey. I then got a phone call from one of their representatives a few days after confirming that they would love to represent Joey and invite him to have his portfolio sorted.

After receiving a few more details it seems that their is a charge to have his portfolio taken. It will be around £170, which is pretty expensive but we get to keep the images. People have said that if they wanted to represent Joey so much and thought he had potential then I shouldn't be expected to pay. But no matter what age you are you have to have a proper portfolio and that doesn't come free (or cheap). The agency that were in contact with have clients that are in some really great ads and TV programmes such as Coronation Street
Chris and I discussed it and we would love for Joey to just try it and see how much work he gets, it's an experience isn't it.  I'd never push this on him, if he decided in a few years time that he didn't like it then  we'd just leave it. So he has his portfolio shoot next month and once the images and his info are online clients will be able to invite him for castings. We're really excited for Joey, I know we're biased but he is a really good looking kid with those gorgeous blue eyes and blonde locks. You never know, he may be the next David Gandy.

If your child has done any modelling I'd love to know how your experience was.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 22 June 2015

Joey's 12 months old!

On 19th June Joey turned 1! My baby doesn't feel like a baby anymore.

Over the past month Joey has changed so much...he's started crawling! Well, it's not a proper crawl more like an army crawl but he's so fast. I'm so glad he's started crawling, it felt like he never would be he just needed the confidence to do it. The day before his birthday I took him to the health visitor to get weighed, if you read his 11 month update you would have read that he had lost weight again so they wanted to see him in 6 weeks time. He now weighs 23lb 12oz, which I'm so happy with, we've been stuffing him with food.

Joey now has 6 teeth! He's coped with the pain so well and we've only had 1 or 2 nights when he's been really unsettled. He also really loves brushing his teeth, it makes him giggle.

His sleep routine hasn't been too bad recently but there have been a few nights when he has only gone to sleep at 8.30pm instead of 7pm. I don't whether it's to do with how warm the weather has been but he just won't go to sleep without being in his sleeping bag. In a morning because it's so bright outside he wakes up around 6.30/7am.

Joey has got a great appetite and eats everything we give him. I've been making a lot more homemade meals that he can have aswell, he loves spaghetti Bolognese, Sausage, Mash & Gravy, Pasta and Stir fry. As a snack during the day I sometimes give him some banana which he loves.

His skin has been really good recently, he only has the odd breakout in the creases behind his knees.

- crawling
- sitting up 
- pulling himself up
- saying Dadda
- weaning onto cows milk

So that's Joey's 12 month update done and dusted. I can't belive how much he's changed.

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Our Favourite Baby brands

Not long after I first started blogging, I'd written a post about the baby brands that I loved at the time. Joey's about a week from being one and we've  discovered some great brands over the last 12 months.

Fred & Noah
If you read our #weekendbabystyle posts then you probably would have noticed the amount of love we have for this brand. Fred & Noah are a great British brand that hand make children's leggings (Newborn to 4 years). Joey has 4 pairs of leggings (soon to be 6) and he always wears them because they go with anything. Because they're handmade, if your child has slightly chunky thighs like our Joey has then you can request for Natalie to make the material more generous in that area! F&N have some great designs and have some new products on the way apparently.

I've never been a fan of H&M for myself but they do some great kids clothes. We don't have a store close to us so I always order online but everything is so great and great prices. If you want a plain basic top, pants, shorts etc this is the best place.

Posh Kiddos
I haven't actually bought anything from Posh Kiddos yet but I've seen loads of bits I'd love to get for Joey. They do some really cool leggings and beanie hats which would look great on Joey.

I've only very recently started buying stuff for Joey here. Their online store isn't the best and our local store doesn't seem to have a lot for under 2. But I picked up a few tshirts and a pair of pants for him a few weeks ago that look great.

I don't shop here a lot but I have picked up some nice things for Joey recently and when Joey was teeny tiny. Price wise they are the same as Matalan but unfortunately my local store has a rather small baby boy section.

George at Asda
The majority of Joey's wardrobe is from Asda because it is the most accessible baby clothes store to us. Asda do have a good collection of outfits, tops, trousers and accessories. Compared to the likes of F&F Tesco The prices are a lot cheaper.

The nearest Primark to us is about 40 mins away so I don't shop at Primark a lot. But the kids section is fantastic, I picked up a couple of summer tshirts for Joey at £1.30each!

What are your favourite baby brands?

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Netflix Stream Team: Dexter verdict

If you've read any of my recent Netflix posts you would have read that I'd become slightly addicted to watching Dexter. If you don't know what Dexter is about he's basically a forensic technician who is also a serial killer. He finds that all different aspects of his life are crashing together which causes some major consequences. From the moment I started watching I was hooked, racing to get to the next episode. The storylines that the writers have come up with are so exciting, stuff that you'd never expect to happen once you get to know Dexter.

What I've enjoyed most about Dexter
- The way that Dexters serial killer life sometimes merges into his personal and professional life.
- The amount of times Dexter has nearly been caught out
- Dexters inability to love or feel emotion
- Dexters sister comes out with some great lines and has a filthy mouth

I can't really go into detail about the show because it would spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it. The main theme that revolves around the show is the lack of empathy Dexter has, towards the end of season 8 you can see he feels something but it's a shame he couldn't tell Rita that he loved her. It's also a big disappointment with what happens to Deb, it seems like such a cop out.

I'd heard a few rumours that the final episode was disappointing and I have to agree. Without spoiling it for anyone who is yet to watch, it's not exactly how I pictured Dexter surrendering. What he does with Deb, he leaves Harrison with Hannah. The only word I can describe it as is cruel, maybe that's what the writers want the audience to feel and then in a few years time they'll do a season 9 (highly unlikely). I'd imagined that Dexter would finally settle down with a woman he loves and just be a normal I was wrong. I highly doubt that there will ever be another season of Dexter, it's been over a year since the last season ended.

I feel really sad that there's no more Dexter, I completely became addicted to it but I can now start watching other things on Netflix now. If I'm into a TV show I can't watch something else at the same time, sends my head in a spin.

What did you think of Dexter?

Find all 8 seasons of Dexter over on Netflix.

*As part of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given 12 months subscription and an Apple TV in return for writing regular posts about the service. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Weekend Baby Style #15

Joey is exactly a week away from turning 1. I can't belive he's a whole year old! We forgot to do our linky last week so we have a few outfits to share. This past week the weather has been lovely and warm, even though we have really been anywhere Joey mostly wore clothes that would keep him cool.

Firstly I want to show you this adorable tshirt I picked up in Peacocks a few weeks ago. Joey is such a flirt, he always smiles and laughs at ladies so I thought this would suit him down to a t.

I absolutely love Fred & Noah leggings, it properly seems as if that's all he wears but they are just so different and i'm yet to spot another kid in my area who's wearing them. The top is just plain white but the stitching is blue and has a little embroidered football on the front so I thought it matched very well with the leggings.
Top: Matalan
Leggings: Fred & Noah

Another lovely sunny day so Joey wore a pair of new shorts. I love Joey's legs, they are so cute so seeing him in shorts is lovely. These shorts were part of Joey's last clothing haul and I loved the colours, so summery and you can match with a variety of different coloured tops.
Top: Matalan
Shorts: H&M

Even though it has been warm it has been quite cloudy too and since his shorts were on the line drying I had to put him in leggings. I love his kangaroo leggings because they look so summery and they'll be too small for him soon too. The top is from Primark and says 'Scuba Dude' at £1.30 it was a bargain.
Top: Primark
Leggings: Fred & Noah
Shoes: George at Asda

Thanks for having a look at what Joey has been wearing this week. We always look forward to reading your lovely comments and other kiddies outfits. As it's Joey's birthday next weekend we have lots planned so we may not do a linky, we'll see though. Don't forget to link up with Sarah at Knott Bump & Us!

The Knott Bump & Us

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Due Date Anniversary

A year ago today Wednesday 11th June 2014 was Joey's due date. He wasn't ready to meet us and decided to stay snuggled in mummy's tum for an extra 8 days!
The day after my due date (40 +1) I had a routine midwife appointment and it was going to be my first sweep. When I had been to my previous midwife appointment they offered to give me a sweep at 39 weeks + 1 day to get things moving but I wasn't prepared downstairs so I politely declined. The sweep was pretty uncomfortable, it was just as painful to open my legs wide enough. Maybe if I had had that sweep at 39 weeks maybe he might have arrived early. 

The midwife then talked me through the plan if I didn't go into labour naturally within the next 2 weeks and about how the induction process works. The thing I was most afraid of was going into labour when I was on my own (obviously I needn't of worried). After my appointment I went to Argos and invested in a birthing ball, after bouncing on it for a few hours I had a bit of a show but nothing major.

I was so desperate for Joey to arrive, Ofcourse I couldn't wait to meet him but I was so uncomfortable. I could hardly sleep, up at all hours going to the loo. My bump was so big it was touching the steering wheel which made it difficult to drive. I did everything over the 8 days bring on labour (apart from sex) but nothing worked.

 But our little man did eventually arrive safely 8 days later on 19th June. Read Joey's birth story here.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fisher Price Newborn to toddler chair VS Fisher Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer

As you may have seen from my instagram, Joey has recently got a new rocker chair. It was meant to be a birthday present but his old bouncer was way too small for him and we rely on having a chair for him so much. 

So I came across the Fisher Price Newborn to toddler chair on a bloggers instagram who's little boy is only a couple of weeks younger than Joey, I checked it out and any other toddler chairs I could find and the Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Baby to Toddler Chair seemed to be the best option: 
- Use from infant to toddler: up to 40 lbs (18 kg)
- Fold-out kickstand & reclining seat for feeding or napping
- Two removable, linkable monkey toys with rollerball & clacker beads
- Deep cradle seat with calming vibrations soothes younger babies
- Toy bar easily removes for older babies to sit & play
- Easy conversion to toddler rocker

I did some price research and RRP for the Fisher Price Newborn to toddler chair is approximately £70 but I managed to get it from Amazon for £42 (bargain!). But after Joey had used it for a day I could see a few problems:
- I certainly wouldn't have paid £70 for the chair, Joey actually has more chance of falling out of this chair than the other one (even strapped in).
- in the rocking position with Joey in, it gets very slippery. If he rocks, the chair moves so it's mostly kept in the reclined position.
- the back of the chair has 2 recline levels but they feel to be the same angle
- doesnt feel comfy at all, not much padding in the seat cover compared to old bouncer.
- the seat cover slips off of the bottom corners

Maybe I'm just being a bit too picky but for the price of £70 you'd expect it to be a lot better than it is. Joey is in between stages I suppose, he's still a baby and can't walk or stand up yet so maybe when he does start doing those things the chair will suit him better. I wouldn't be too put off with buying this chair though, if I had known about this chair before Joey was born I would have got it instead of his original bouncer.

Joey's previous Fisher Price bouncer was used all the time from when he was a few weeks old, he'd take his naps in it and play with his toys. It seemed really comfy for him aswell, the seat cover was padded and had a thin head cushion. So I hope that Joey will love his new one just as much as the old one.

If you're looking for a baby rocker chair that can be used from baby to toddler, then this is what you should be looking at. Like I've said, it is expensive but if you're using it from birth it saves you from buying 2 rockers like I did. Hopefully as Joey learns to crawl and walk maybe my concerns for him trying fall out will dissapear. My tip is to shop around online and find the best price for you.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lolly's clothing haul

Usually you'd find me doing a clothing haul post about stuff I've bought Joey but today this is mummy's clothing haul! Last week I went to Liverpool for some much needed retail therapy without Joey and bought some lovely clothes for the summer. I haven't been on a big shopping spree for myself since way before Joey was born. Since having Joey my body has changed quite a bit, I've put on weight and my tummy is a little flabby so I've had to buy clothes that hide the flab. I had a really good day out and i'm so excited to share with you some of the bits I got.

The first thing that I needed to take care of is the scaffolding (aka bras). I've always had big boobs, before Joey I was a 34F so bra shopping has always been expensive for me, I can't exactly walk into Primark or New Look and find a bra that fits properly. In the past my favourite bra shops have been La Senza and Boux Avenue.

Bravissimo has always been a favourite of mine but they are the most expensive for DD+ bras but the bras that I've had from them have also lasted me a while. So I went back to Bravisimmo to get measured and just as I thought, I'd only gone up a cup size so i'm a 34FF now. I tried on loads of different bras but at £30 a bra I had to pick designs that I can wear on a daily basis. So this is what I went for 

Idina Moulded Bra by Panache - £30
I wanted a tshirt bra but I didn't want anything plan so when I saw this one, I loved it straight away.
Petit Beau Bra by Bravissimo - £29
Aqua is a lovely summery colour and I always love a polka dot. 
Pink is one of my favourite colours and i really liked the floral pattern.If you have big boobs then you can't get away with cheepo bras and still have support, a well fitted bra is key.

Simply Be
I know that Simply Be is a plus size label but they actually have some great clothes. Last year I bought a dress from the Kelly Brook range and I loved it. So when I went to Liverpool I had a mooch in the shop and came out with a few things.
I'd seen this jumpsuit online and loved it but because I'm so short I didn't want to order it online, I needed to try it on. So I when I went into the store I tried on the smallest size which is a size 12 and it was quite big. I decided to leave it but when I got home I changed my mind and thought I could get it altered. So I ordered it online, delivery was really fast. When I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fitted compared to in the shop. I don't have to get it altered which is great. I need to get a denim jacket to go with it now, can't until we have some proper warm weather.

                     Butterfly Print Cami Top - £12
Unfortunately it's our of stock online. I've always loved cami tops, lovely for the summer but I always have to get a big size because of my boobs. This top is lovely and have adjustable straps which is great.

                         Multi Floral Cami Top - £12
Another cami top which is great in the warm weather. They only had the two cami tops in store, I really need to order more.

New Look
I used to work at New Look so my wardrobe has always consisted of clothes from them. Since having Joey I've never been able to find anything to suit my new bodyshape but I found a great outfit.
              Dark Blue Crochet Hem Cami - £12.99
I really liked this cami top with the Crochet detailing. Because of the boobs though I had to get it in a size 16.

Navy Plain Jeggings -£14.99
Jeggings are a godsend! I love jeggings, I've never really got on properly with jeans (apart from my maternity jeans...elasticated waist). New Look jeggings are great though because they are super soft and fit my skinny legs perfectly.

I'm really not a lover of Primark, I mainly only get stuff for Joey or Chris, don't get me wrong they have some great stuff but the amount of people in the store just makes me feel that I can't take my time and browse. I bought 2 dresses though which were really cheap and look fab.
                         Butterfly Cutout dress - £8
What a bargain this was! I must have a thing for butterflies because this is the 2nd thing I got with a butterfly design. It's lovely and light so perfect for a hot summers day.

I'm so pleased with everything I bought, I've neglected buying clothes for myself for ages so it's nice to finally have some lovely clothes to wear.

Thanks for reading